11 dinosaur coloring pages that’ll make your kids go, “Rawr!”

11 dinosaur coloring pages that’ll make your kids go, “Rawr!”

If you have an aspiring paleontologist on your hands, your home is most likely overflowing with dinosaur figures and children’s books about prehistoric and dino creatures. Sound familiar? Those who can relate to their home looking like a scene out of Jurassic Park may be searching for alternative dinosaur-themed activities that don’t demand as much physical space, such as dinosaur coloring pages.

The benefits of coloring (it stimulates fine motor skills, attention span, and imagination) are widely recognized. But, did you know that science suggests that kids who are fascinated with dinosaurs benefit from developing strong information-processing skills and learning the value of persistence at an early age? Suddenly, the sound of your child roaring down the hallway with their dinosaur toys doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Even if your kid isn’t a big dinosaur fan, coloring pages are a handy activity to have on deck for when plans unexpectedly fall through (you can find more of those here, we have you covered, mama!) Fuel your child’s imagination and dino obsession with these digital color sheets, which you can download and print for free.

Dinosaur coloring page

Courtesy of Home Coloring, this fun and easy-level coloring sheet features an enlarged illustration of a spunky dinosaur. The coloring page has very little detail and minimal shapes, so it’s a great activity for preschool-aged kids.

Snacking dinosaur coloring page

Your toddler will have a blast enjoying snack time alongside this coloring page of a hungry dinosaur. You can download and print it for free at Home Coloring.

Stegosaurus coloring page

This stegosaurus coloring page can double as both educational material and a creative activity. Encourage your child to list off and sound out the letters of the word “stegosaurus,” which is printed at the bottom of the page. Recommended for kindergartners and up. 

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Brachiosaurus coloring page

An adventurous brachiosaurus, volcano, and palm tree make up this adorable illustration. Download it for free at Homemade Gifts Made Easy. 

Cute T-Rex coloring page

This animation of a happy cartoon tyrannosaurus rex is a great activity for toddlers. It’ll keep their hands busy and get them thinking about their favorite colors. 

Paleontologist digging for dinosaur fossils coloring page

Do you have a future paleontologist running around the house? Spark some inspiration with this drawing of a young paleontologist uncovering dinosaur fossils.

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Color by numbers dinosaur coloring page 

A color by number worksheet can be challenging, but also super fulfilling. The activity assigns specific colors to certain numbers, which is how you color the page. For example, areas labeled one should be colored yellow, areas labeled two should be colored orange, and so forth. This is on the more difficult side, so it’s recommended for ages six and up.

Tyrannosaurus coloring page

Available for free via Super Coloring, this drawing features a T-rex exploring a lush landscape filled with different plants and trees. Cheer your kiddo to go crazy with vibrant colors. 

Apatosaurus coloring page

It’s grazing time in this free illustration of two apatosauruses hanging out near a creek. Make it a bonding activity by asking your child if they’ll share their crayons and let you color in one of the dinosaurs.

Flying pterodactyl coloring page

Get lost in the clouds with this coloring page of a soaring pterodactyl. Suitable for beginning colorers, you can download and print it for free at Super Coloring.

Dinosaur scene with erupting volcano coloring page

Help your child discover over six different kinds of dinosaurs in this coloring sketch, which is set against the backdrop of an erupting volcano. Additionally, you can take turns pointing out different plants, flowers, and trees. Because there’s so much fine detail in this stimulating coloring page, it’s recommended for kids seven and up.

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