11 Parenting Tweets To Give Mums And Dads A Much Needed Laugh

11 Parenting Tweets To Give Mums And Dads A Much Needed Laugh

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The kids are back to school – and by school we mean kicking up a fuss at the kitchen table and asking for snacks every three minutes. While the BBC might be here to help you with homeschooling, it can still be bloody hard.

And so, to reward (or alleviate) your efforts, we’ve rounded up some tweets from other parents showing that life isn’t rosy for them either. Because if there’s anything we need right now, it’s a good ol’ belly laugh of recognition.


1. Dad outwits his prankster kids. 

Kids pranking their parents? They’ll get you back even harder. 

2. Child’s drawing is bloody strange.

Not quite as uplifting as those rainbows really, is it?

3. Baby orders an onion.

That’ll be 20 quid for a large one, please. 

4. Toddler hates mum’s cooking.

“Misgusting” is a term we can all get on board with. 

5. Kid calls police on dad. 

Isn’t this just normal WFH attire?

6. Three-year-old does mum’s makeover.

Hard relate to those dark under-eye bags

7. Toddlers won’t stop drawing.

Everywhere. Why. Whyyyyy

8. Parent makes artwork of it.

“My kid could draw that.” (Oh wait, he did).

9. Boy tapes up dolls.

This might just be... one of the most unsettling tweets we’ve seen. 

10. Teen pretends he’s kidnapped.

Because that’s not worrying at all to someone walking past...

11. Three little girls leave note.

“We are leaving home for the treehouse because our lives are horrible.” At least the parents will get some... space.


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