11 Spider-Man coloring pages — because it’s less messy than spinning webs

11 Spider-Man coloring pages — because it’s less messy than spinning webs

There are a ton of ways to keep kiddos occupied and spend time together as a family that don’t involve screen time. Coloring is always an activity that comes to mind. You can even search for coloring pages that fit their interests and current obsessions. For instance, if your kid has been wearing the same Spider-Man costume for five days straight, they may have fun with Peter Parker and Spider-Man coloring pages.

Everyone can benefit from coloring  (yes, even you, mama!). Not only is coloring a sensory activity for 1-year-olds, but it’s an activity that can help prepare your child for preschool. Plus, Spider-Man can teach your kid a lot of cool things, like how to stand up to bullies and look out for the people you love. Embrace your child’s imagination and their love for Spider-Man with these online coloring pages, which you can download and print for free.

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Spider-Man Catching a Bank Robber Coloring Page

Break out your crayons and markers, and help Spider-Man catch the bad guys! This coloring sheet is recommended for kids five and up.

Spider-Man on the Roof Coloring Page

Make coloring a storytime activity, too, by asking your child what they think Spider-Man is up to or who he is saving in the illustration.

Spider-Man Mask Coloring Page

Is your toddler obsessed with Spider-Man? Download and print this Spider-Man mask coloring page for free at Just Color. It’s perfect for all the wanna-be Peter Parkers!

Spider-Man Spinning a Web Coloring Page

This free illustration features Spider-Man doing what he does best: spinning webs from his hands! 

Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus Coloring Page

Bring this drawing of Spider-Man and the evil Doctor Octopus to life with bright colors. Available for free via Super Coloring, this coloring page is suitable for 4-year-olds and up.

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Coloring Page

This coloring sheet includes the franchise’s official spider-shaped emblem with Marvel’s signature “Spider-Man” insignia.

Spider-Man Peter Parker Coloring Page

It’s time for Peter Parker to put on his Spidey mask and save the world — but first, he needs your kid’s help to give his uniform a colorful makeover! 

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Spider-Man Lifting Steel Plate Coloring Page

Recommended for artists over age four, this sketch of Spider-Man lifting a falling steel plate is so realistic! Don’t forget to show off your kiddo’s masterpiece by hanging it on the fridge when they’re done.

Spider-Man Coloring Page

There’s nothing like a coloring sheet that doubles as a spelling activity! Encourage your child to name each letter in “Spider-Man,” which is printed in large letters at the bottom of the page. Depending on their age, you can take it one step further and ask if they can think of another word that starts with each of those letters. 

Spider-Man Head Portrait Coloring Page

Available for free on Super Coloring, this super basic coloring page of Spider-Man’s head is a great activity for toddlers. The shapes are big and there are no details. They’ll have a blast giving Peter Parker’s mask a new look.

Spider-Man Climbing Buildings Coloring Page

This coloring page roundup wouldn’t be complete without an illustration of Spider-Man climbing a building in a metropolis. Recommended for kids four and up.

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