17 Products to Help You Chill Out When Anxiety Sets In

17 Products to Help You Chill Out When Anxiety Sets In

The last few years have been *a lot* and if you're feeling some anxiety about the state of the world right now, we totally get it. One minute things feel hopeful while every other minute feels uncertain, which can no doubt affect our mood and make us feel extra anxious. There's not a lot we can do about the state of things, but we can do something about how we feel about it. In addition to some tried-and-true breathing techniques, here are 17 products to reduce your worry.

pink Joy Wellness Journal anxiety

Joy Wellness Journal ($33)

Writing down all your thoughts can help relieve stress (and help you sleep). Find pages for reflecting on your goals, habits, meals, water intake, sleep and the things you're grateful for in this joyful journal.

Musee Bath Soak

Musee Bath Soak ($24)

There is no better time to create a luxurious night routine than RIGHT NOW. Your bathtub is your new therapy couch while homebound. Made with detoxifying salts and essential oils, like calming lavender and anxiety-reducing bergamot, these bath salts help you relax and recharge so you're ready to embrace a good night's sleep until Tuesday and beyond.

Super Nee-Doh

Super Nee-Doh ($14)

These neon stress balls are just what you need in a high anxiety pinch. Since they're small enough to keep in your desk or your bag, you can always have them with you.

Relaxus Gym Ball Abs with Pump

Relaxus Gym Ball Abs with Pump ($18, was $24)

Stretch away your anxiety while working your core to achieve an endorphin-boosting workout, even when you're hard at work at home.

Sun Retro Art III Yoga Mat anxiety

Sun Retro Art III Yoga Mat ($45, was $55)

Meditation and yoga are great ways to chill out and clear your mind. And this rainbow print makes it a happy journey.

D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle

D.S. & Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle $65

You can go for a walk in nature or bring the woodsy scent home with this chill-inducing candle. Light it in the mornings to get your day started right or in the evenings while you're getting ready for bed.

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet

The Anti-Anxiety Bracelet ($40)

Green Malachite is known to help reduce anxiety and protect you during stressful times. Wear it while focusing on the present moment to help stay focused and calm.

Oura Ring

Oura Ring $299

This titanium ring monitors how your body is doing through all stages of the day. It wraps around your finger, where the pulse is strongest to capture your resting heart rate, body temp and more. You get three daily scores on sleep, activity and readiness and advice for how to improve. (It's one of Brit's faves!)

Sunday Scaries Vegan Hemp Gummies with Vitamins anxiety

Sunday Scaries Vegan CBD Gummies $29

Perfect for calming your mind and bringing a little chill to your day, Sunday Scaries hemp gummies also have vitamin B12, which may help regulate your nervous system. Now you can get 20% off all of their products using code Brit20!

chiliPad Sleep System

chiliPad Sleep System ($440+, was $549+)

Score amazing naps (and better mood as a result) with this temp-controlled/game-changing sleep system. Another Brit favorite, it uses water-based heating and cooling to give you the perfect temperature for much-needed deep sleep.

SlipSilk Sleepmask

SlipSilk Sleepmask ($50)

Block out the light for a more restful sleep or just a moment of zen. Since the less light, the better (well, in terms of trying to sleep) this will help you catch some serious zzz's.

Paddywax Electronic Oil Diffuser

Paddywax Electronic Oil Diffuser ($60)

Find instant calm from a light mist of your favorite essential oil. This ceramic diffuser makes any room in your home feel like a spa. Just say Ahhh!

Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator

Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator ($95)

Sex is great for stress relief — with or without a partner! This (dare we say) adorable silicone vibrator offers up four motor patterns and five preset intensity levels. Enjoy!

Shoppe Geo Reveal Stone Collection

Shoppe Geo Reveal Stone Collection $30

Bring positive energy into your home with this so-pretty collection of crystals, minerals, and stones.

HEXORELIEF Dual Pressure Point Full Body Massager

HEXORELIEF Dual Pressure Point Full Body Massager ($30, was $75)

Target specific pain in your body with this handheld massager.

Moon Juice Ashwagandha

Moon Juice Ashwagandha $38

Try this superherb to help protect your body from the damaging effects of stress, help enhance focus and mental stamina, and reduce irritability and stress-related carb cravings.

Coloring Pages from Brit + Co's Pattern Play Coloring Book anxiety

Coloring Pages from Brit + Co's Pattern Play Coloring Book Free Download!

Coloring is one of our favorite calming activities. When you just need to zone out, need a creative outlet or just want to feel productive, this no-fuss art is the perfect solution.

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