23 Parental Life Hacks Found on the Internet. Yes, Looking After Kids Can Be a Piece of Cake!

23 Parental Life Hacks Found on the Internet. Yes, Looking After Kids Can Be a Piece of Cake!

All parents know that bringing up children is a continuous challenge. Every day our kids provide us with a whale of new experiences. Hopefully, thanks to a bunch of the tricks some parents shared this everyday struggle can be made much easier.

#1 Frozen marshmallows as an alternative for an ice pack


#2 What can you do when your kid needs a toilet and there is nowhere to pull over?


Always have a potty and some diapers in your car. Just put a diaper into the potty, let your baby sit down and do the job. Then just throw away the diaper.


#3 A plastic basket as a mini bathtub


This is how you keep all the toys floating close around your child.

#4 Arrange a sandpit inside a tent


When the sand pit is protected by the tent, no stray cats will poo in there at night and your children will be protected against the sun on a hot day. If you want bugs to stay away, mix some cinnamon with the sand.

#5 To build an igloo, you badly need a plastic food container


#6 If the stroller has got muddy wheels and you need to get inside, put on swimming caps onto them


#7 Perhaps the best coloring book ever invented


#8 A smart way to teach multiplication table


#9 You don’t have to get rid of the old cot. How about converting it into a desk?


#10 Apple French fries are irresistible even for the fussiest ones


#11 All non-electric toys can be easily washed in a dishwasher


#12 You need a shower but there is somebody to look after?



Just put your baby inside an empty bathtub, drop a few toys in and enjoy your shower keeping an eye on the baby.


#13 This is how you can teach your kids to clean


#14 Non-toxic and washable paints



Mix yoghurt with cake coloring agents.


#15 Set a limit of how much toilet paper your child can use


#16 Glue some coins onto the shoe soles so that your kids won’t slip


#17 A playground in the bedroom


Inflate your rubber swimming pool to make it a safe indoor playing spot.


#18 A wallet for special purposes


This gadget needs to be equipped with a pen, colored pencils and small toys. Take it with you anytime you go to a restaurant. It is bound to keep your children focused for some time.


#19 Use some cake sprinkle to make healthy drink attractive


Every kid would love to have a sip of anything so colorful.


#20 A cunning trick to administer medications


Make a small hole in the pacifier, put the filled dropper inside and give it to the baby.


#21 What can we do with broken crayons?


Put them all into a silicone tray and put it in the oven heated to 200 degrees C for 30 minutes. Once you take them out, you will be stunned with the colorful shapes you get.

#22 It’s all about appropriate organization!


Hang the infant bodysuits on a hanger. Picking them up will be much easier once you need them.


#23 Kids constantly arguing while you are driving?

Transport Copii Expres Timisoara/facebook

The best solution is to divide them with cardboard walls so that they can’t see each other.


Yes, you can take your kid to a concert and have a good time!


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