24 Of The Best Easy Under The Sea Theme Party Ideas

24 Of The Best Easy Under The Sea Theme Party Ideas

Create an awesome under the sea theme party with these easy DIY ideas. Kids will love all the party food, decorations and activities. All these ideas are easy to recreate and will ensure that you will have an under the sea party to remember.

24 under the sea theme party ideas

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An under the sea theme party can mean SO many things. It could be a beach party, it could be a mermaid party, or it could be a sea animals party. It doesn’t matter what your child likes, it is easy to use the under the sea theme elements for many other parties too.

Think fish, crabs, starfish, seashells, fish nets, blue sea and sand. Sand castles, boats and fishing. The options are endless.

You will find that these under the sea theme party ideas can easily be incorporated into the specific beach or sea themed party you are having. Use the ideas, but then change up the colors to suit the particular style of party you are having.

This is such a fun theme to prepare and decorate for.

Under The Sea Themed Decorations

1. Mermaid Backdrop

Source: Tikkido

A spectacular party table always begins with the backdrop, and this one certainly is spectacular. The good news is that it is super cheap and easy to make, making it perfect for your under the sea theme party.

Mermaid party backdrop

2. Cardboard Sand Castle

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

A cardboard sandcastle (or two) would make an awesome centerpiece on the party table. This would be a lot of fun to make and it would be totally striking to look at when it’s finished.

Cardboard Sandcastle

3. Styrofoam Star Fish

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

These star fish would make the perfect decor at your party. Get the kids involved with the craft before the party and you can have a multitude of star fish to scatter around.

DIY star fish craft

4. Sea Shell Centerpieces

Source: A Princess And Her Pirates

These sea shell centerpieces can be used in may different ways. They could be used to stand up figures or age numbers or even have tea light candles placed on the top. Use your imagination to see how you can use yours!

Sea Shell Centerpieces

5. Hanging Jelly Fish

Source: Arts & Crackers

You don’t get much more under the sea than you do with jelly fish. These hanging jelly fish would be awesome to make and hang at your party.

They would look amazing hung in front of a backdrop or just scattered around the party area.


Under The Sea Party Food Ideas

6. Oyster Cookies

Oyster Cookies are perfect for any under the sea theme party. I made these for my daughter’s mermaid party and they were so popular. Change up the color of the filling to match your party colors. The pink would also look amazing as blue or green.

Oyster Pearl Cookies

7. Beach Themed Snack

Source: Mama Cheaps

The fish food snack mix would be perfect to have on hand at a party. The kids would love the idea of grabbing their own little party mix and it can easily be styled in whatever party cup you choose.

Fish Themed Snack

8. Gluten Free Goldfish

Source: Strength and Sunshine

How adorable are these little goldfish snacks. They are a cheesy, salty fishy snack that the kids are going to love. Not only are these are great little snack but they are also gluten free and vegan, so will be perfect for all the little kids.


9. Ocean Themed Dipped Pretzel Rods

Source: Living Life As Moms

Just five simple ingredients and these pretzel rods would be made. The salty chocolate combination would taste delicious and they are a super fun treat to have on the party table.


12. Mermaid Rice Krispie Treats

Source: Finding Zest

Kids all love rice krispie treats, which makes these mermaid treats perfect. If you didn’t want to incorporate the mermaid into your under the sea theme party, it would be easy to replace the mermaid tail with either more sea glitter or a fish.

Mermaid rice krispie treats

13. Ocean Blue Lemonade Popsicles

Source: Play Party Plan

For a under the sea theme party held in the summer, these ocean blue popsicles would be the perfect treat for the kids. The little gummy fish inside the popsicle make them even more fun and exciting.


14. Deep Sea Diving Jello

Source: Brooklyn Active Mama

This is a combination of jello, Sweedish fish, pretzels and whipped cream. It looks a lot of fun, is simple to make and the kids are going to love it.

Deep sea fishing jello

15. Tropical Fish Cupcakes

Source: The Purple Pumpkin Blog

You can be guaranteed to fish under the sea, which makes these tropical fish cupcakes perfect for your party.

They look amazing, but are surprising so incredibly simple to make. If you can dip Oreo cookies into chocolate then you can make these cupcakes!

Tropical fish cupcakes

16. Goldfish Beach Cupcakes

Source: Mama Cheaps

Love the fish cupcake idea but looking for something a little less exotic? These goldfish beach cupcakes are the perfect answer for you.

Super simple to make, super adorable and super tasty.

ocean beach goldfish cupcakes

17. Seashell Cupcakes

Source: Tikkido

These chocolate seashells look absolutely adorable sitting on top of the cupcakes. It’s as simple as making the chocolate mold and then adding to the cupcake when set. The end result is a fantastic addition to any sea themed party.

chocolate shell cupcakes

18. Under The Sea Cake

Source: Arts & Crackers

A birthday isn’t a birthday without a cake and this under the sea birthday cake is so adorable. It also has a cheeky couple of cupcakes in it for added fun.

Under the sea cake

19. Mermaid Candy Fudge

Source: A Magical Mess

This has to be the prettiest fudge I have ever seen. It glimmers like the sea, and the candy elements on the top are perfect. This fudge would be the perfect compliment to an under the sea party.

mermaid candy fudge

Under The Sea Party Activities

20. Mermaid Bingo

Source: The Artisan Life

The free printable bingo would be a perfect activity to use at your party. Simply laminate the cards before the party so they are ready to go. Kids would love to play one or more games of this.

Printable mermaid bingo

21. Shark Craft

Source: Modern Mom Life

This shark craft would be the perfect activity to complete for the younger kids. They would also then have a great little party favor to take home with them.

If you don’t mind a bit of a messy activity, this is one that the kids will love.

Shark Sensory Bottle

22. Ocean Slime

Source: Simple Everyday Mom

This slime is another great party activity that could also be split into small tubs for the kids to take home with them. The glittery ocean blue slime color complete with the ocean characters makes it perfect for an under the sea party.


23. Mermaid Slime

Source: Crafts By Amanda

Mermaids are perfect for an under the sea theme party and this slime would work perfectly with the ocean slime idea. It’s glittery, it’s mystical and it’s magical. Kids will love it.

Mermaid Slime

24. Hidden Treasures Ocean Coloring Page

Source: Arts & Crackers

For a quiet activity, how about leaving some coloring pages for the kids to enjoy. There are also 6 hidden treasures in the reef to be found.

Treasures-Beneath-the-Waves-coloring page

With so many under the sea theme party ideas to choose from, you certainly wont struggle to put an amazing party together. The fact that all these ideas are super easy to replicate means that you can be confident you can create a stunning party even if it means you don’t have any craft or baking skills.

Let the kids help prepare the party with you for some added excitement and fun.Under the sea party ideasLet’s keep in touch. Did you love these under the sea theme party ideas? Sign up to the weekly newsletter to be kept updated with other easy party, recipe, decoration ideas and more.

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