32 Weird Things To Buy On Amazon That Make Great Gag Gifts

32 Weird Things To Buy On Amazon That Make Great Gag Gifts

Amazon has drastically changed how we shop. Instead of waiting in long lines for hours, Amazon allows customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Amazon literally has everything from A to Z, including hilarious gag gifts. Amazon is full of weird and funny gag gifts that are great for birthdays, retirements, and Christmas. There’s no way to go wrong with a funny gift from Amazon.

Amazon has a vast selection of gag gifts that range from funny pillows to unique bandages. A gag gift is ideal for telling a loved one that you care. Plus, there’s always a sale on Amazon between Prime Day, Black Friday, and all the other deals so you can get a good bargain. Let’s log on to Amazon and take a look at 32 weird things to buy on Amazon that make great gag gifts.

32 Weird Things To Buy On Amazon That Make Great Gag Gifts 

Weird Things To Buy On Amazon


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1. Nic Cage Happy Birthday Sequin Pillow

Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage Faces Actor P27 Sequin Pillow, Sequin Pillowcase, Two Color Pillow, Gift for her, Gift for him, Magic Pillow, Mermaid Pillow, Scales Pillow Cover


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Nic Cage is a man of many crazy faces. The only way to wish a loved one a happy birthday is with the Nicolas Cage Happy Birthday Sequin Pillow. Each pillow will make the birthday girl or boy laugh in terror. 


2. Umbrella Hat

massmall Kid Adult 26


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Let’s face it, holding an umbrella during a rainy day can be tricky. It makes holding other items difficult since there is only one available hand. Well, MassMall has the situation covered with the Umbrella Hat.

Now, both hands can be free while your trusty umbrella hat keeps the rain or sunshine out. Everyone will talk about the stylish trendsetter with the cool hat.


3. Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks Light Up - LED Glowing Light Saber Star Wars Chop Sticks - Reusable Sushi Lightup Sabers Chopstick Set Of 1 Blue Pair


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The Light-up Lightsaber Chopsticks are perfect for Star Wars fans and foodies who love Chinese food. ChopSabers Lightsaber Chopsticks are a funny and cool gag gift. It’s ideal for anyone that’s strong with the Force or knows how to use chopsticks.


4. Headband Hoop Game

Christmas Gag Gifts Headband Hoop Ball Game White Elephant Exchange Party Xmas Holiday Fun Carnival Activities


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Here’s a gag gift that’s hilarious and fun. Keep yourself and the family entertained with the 90shine Store Headband Hoop Ball Game. It’s a simple game that comes with two baskets and twenty balls.

Each player wears a hoop on their head while they try to score points. It’s a fun game that all your friends and family will love. 


5. Rubber Chicken Purse

Rubber Chicken Purse - The Hen Bag Handbag


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The Sarut Group knows better than anyone what women are looking for in a purse. For instance, the Rubber Chicken purse is stylish and goes perfectly with chicken leg knee-high socks.

While it might not match every pair of shoes and outfit, it’s guaranteed to get a couple of laughs. It’s a funny gag gift for a girlfriend or wife. But make sure you have another more expensive gift ready unless you want to sleep on the couch


6. Taco Sleeping Bag

Plush Ultra-Soft Fleece Snuggle-in Sleeping Bag Blanket for Lounging On The Couch (Taco Blanket)


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Nowadays, a simple sleeping bag won’t do. The only way to sleep in a bag is if it’s a taco. Presented by Gilbins Store, the Plush Ultra-Soft Fleece Snuggle Taco sleeping bag is the perfect gag gift.

It’s funny, entertaining, and practical. Regardless if it’s a birthday or Christmas, the Taco Sleeping Bag will hit the spot.


7. Bacon Bandages

BioSwiss Kids Bandages | 50pcs Sterile Unique Shaped Bandages Colorful Funny Cute Toddler Girls & Boys, Adults First Aid, Protect Scrapes and Cuts | Wellness for Everyone | Reusable Tin (Bacon)


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There are two essential items everyone’s household needs, bandages, and bacon. Luckily, Amazon put them together.

Brought to you by Accoutrements, Bacon Bandages are perfect for the person that is always cutting themselves and loves bacon. It’s one of those weird gag gifts that is also very practical. 


8. Meat Shredder Claws

Mountain Grillers Meat Claws Meat Shredder for BBQ - Perfectly Shredded Meat, These Are The Meat Claws You Need - Best Pulled Pork Shredder Claw x 2 For Barbecue, Smoker, Grill (Stainless Steel)

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The Mountain Grillers Meat Claws Meat Shredder will change how you cut meat. Slice that exotic meat into pieces without burning your fingers. You’ll feel like Marvel superhero Wolverine as you go to town on the meat.


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9. Instant Audience

Accoutrements Instant Audience


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Sometimes life feels like an 80s sitcom. The only thing missing is the live studio audience who add to every joke and comment.  Accouterments allow you to have an audience in your back pocket with Instant Audience. At the press of a button, get an applause break, cheers, or laughter.


10. Cell Phone Jail Cell

Mobile Phone Jail Cell Phones Prison Lock Up Safe Smartphone Stand Holders Classroom Home Table Office Storage Gadget -Family Time, Party Fun Novelty Gift Idea


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Every parent on the planet struggles to get their kids and significant others to put their phones down. Indeed, it’s almost impossible to punish kids without taking away their phones. Hence, the SANIDIKA Mobile Phone Jail Cell will solve all those problems.

Next time somebody acts out, send their phone to prison. It’s a funny gag gift for parents and a punishment gift for kids.


11. Baguette Pillow

Wepop 40 in 3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow Soft Lumbar Baguette Back Cushion Funny Food Plush Stuffed Toy


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The Wepop 40 Baguette pillow is soft, silky, and skin-friendly. It’s ideal for kids, but anyone will love it. A gag gift is rarely funny, comfy, and delicious looking. Prepare to sleep in style while dreaming of tiny baguettes dancing in the sky.


12. In-Car Dip Clip

Saucemoto Dip Clip | An in-car sauce holder for ketchup and dipping sauces. As seen on Shark Tank (2 Pack, Black)


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The most common place to eat a McDonald’s is in the car. One of the fast food chain’s most famous and biggest sellers is its McChicken nuggets and dipping sauce. Saucemoto created the In-Car Dip Clip for all your dipping sauce purposes.

It’s changed dipping sauce and eating food in the car forever. It’s groundbreaking, funny, and a great gag gift. 


13. French Fries and Cup Holder

YOUTHUP Multifunctional Cup Holder for Car, 2 in 1 Rotating Car Cup Holder Expander, Adjustable Movable Bracket Perfect for 17oz - 20 oz Bottles Coffee Drink Ipad Snack Fries (Black)


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Of course, no meal is complete without French fries and a drink. So no car is whole without the YOUTHUP Multifunctional 2-in-1 French fries and cup holder. The holder is easy to put together and fits in any vehicle. Relax in your car and enjoy your meal without making a huge mess. It’s a great gift that’ll be worth the price. 


14. Game of Thrones Coloring Book

The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book (A Song of Ice and Fire)


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By George R.R. Martin, the Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book is a popular gag gift that every Game of Thrones and House of Dragon fan will love.

While it’s good for a laugh, dedicated fans will be pumped to add this to their collection. It’s easily one of the best Amazon gag gifts out there today.


15. The Original Taco Toaster

THE ORIGINAL Taco Toaster | 2 Healthy Taco Shell Makers | Crispy Healthy Tacos Shells Right From Your Toaster | Take Tacos To The Next Level


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Toasting tacos is a dilemma sweeping the world. So many people burn their hands or make a messy taco. Luckily, The Original Taco Toaster is here to save the day.

It’s a simple product that holds the taco in place as you put it in the toaster. The Healthy Tacos Right For Your Toaster store has revolutionized toasting tacos. 


16. Ostrich Neck Pillow

ALLDOG Ostrich Neck Pillow,Travel Pillow for Airplane Head Support,Neck Travel Pillows,Original Travel Pillow for Airplane Flying,Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Neck Pain Relief,Travel Accessories (Grey)


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Many people have difficulty sleeping on a plane, at the airport, or even at home. Well, the Ostrich Neck Pillow is probably the answer you need.

ALLDOG’s Ostrich Neck Pillow is soft and light. It fits around the entire head, blocking the light and reducing noise around you. With its unique appearance, the Ostrich neck pillow is a funny gag gift that’s also practical and comfortable. 


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17. Lester's Fixins Outrageous Wild Crazy Unique Flavor Soda Pop

Lester's Fixins Outrageous Wild Crazy Unique Flavor Soda Pop 6 Pack Sampler Set


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It’s common for people to get tired of plain and boring soda pop flavors like orange, root beer, or grape. Lester’s Fixins Outrageous Wild Crazy Unique Flavor Soda Pop has all the flavors to open up your mind.

Sit back and enjoy a refreshing glass of Bacon Soda, Ranch Dressing, Sweet Corn, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter & Jelly, or Buffalo Wing Soda. Honestly, there’s no better gag gift for soda pop lovers.



18. Shocktato Party Game

Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game - The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato


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The Shocktato Party Game takes hot potato to a whole new level. It’s a great gag gift and a fun game for all occasions.

Brought to you by the Lightning Reaction Store, Shocktato features an electrified toy potato with three settings, normal, lame, and extreme. It might be shocking, but no gag gift compares with the Shocktato Party Game. 


19. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

Cat Butt Tissue Holder Square Tissue Box Cover for Bathroom Home Decoration Paper Facial Tissue Dispenser Funny Gift


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The Cat Butt Tissue Holder is ideal for cat lovers or people allergic to cats. Featuring a silly cat expression and tissue coming out of its backside, the Catt Butt Tissue Holder is self-explanatory.

It’ll be the hit of every birthday or Christmas celebration. When it comes to home decor on Amazon, nobody beats OUUoNNo. 


20. Stealing Kitty Piggy Bank

Toy Banks HmiL-U Automatic cat Stealing Coins Birthday&Christmas Gifts for Kids (Strawberry-Cat)


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Teaching kids the importance of saving money often starts with their first piggy bank. Kids will get a kick out of the Stealing Cat Piggy Bank. Not only does the cute little kitty peak its head out from a box, but it also says “Hello” and “Thank You.”

The Hmil U-Store knows what every kid wants in a piggy bank. They want a cute kitty and lots of laughs. 


21. Sunny the Blowfish

Accoutrements Sunny The Blobfish - Novelty Toy- Squishy Toy


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Tell your family, friends, or co-workers you love them with the ugliest toy on Amazon. Despite its unattractive appearance, Sunny The Blowfish manages to be a misunderstood and cute little toy.

Available at Accoutrements Store, Sunny The Blowfish is ideal for kids three and up as it does contain choking hazards.


22. Remote Control Crocodile Head

2.4GHz Remote Control Crocodile Head Boat for Pools and Lakes High Simulation Alligator Head RC Boats Prank Toys for Adults and Kids


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Every prankster will love the Remote Control Crocodile Head. It’s the best way to prank your family and friends at the beach or the pool.

It includes a rechargeable battery with a remote control giving you 30 minutes to cause chaos and mayhem. It’s easily one of the best and funniest gag gifts on Amazon.


23. Chicken Legs Knee Socks

Yoicy Womens Novelty Funny Crazy Socks - Cool Funky Animal Cartoon Cosplay Chicken Leg Knee High Mid-calf Gift Socks stocking


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Somehow, Chicken Legs Knee Socks is funny, creative, and sexy all at the same time. It’s a funny gag gift for a wife, girlfriend, or lover. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the funniest gag gifts on Amazon.

The Yoicy Store is the only place on Amazon to find these perfect-looking chicken leg socks.


24. Frog Eye Mash

Sleep Masks for Women,Eye Mask for Sleeping,BUMSUFON Night Mask Sad Frog Cute Block Out Light, Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Travel Yoga Nap, Green


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In this case, if you’re feeling froggy, then sleep. Bumsfon’s Frog Eye Mask is for all those sleep lovers who can’t get enough sleep.

The Frog Eye Mask will keep out those bright lights while keeping the sleeper looking stylish. Few gag gifts compare with the Frog Eye Mask.


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25. Yodeling Pickle

Yodeling Pickle: A Musical Toy, Fun for All Ages, Great Gift, Hours of Mindless Entertainment


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Prepare for days of mindless entertainment with the Yodeling Pickle. Batteries included, the Yodeling Pickle is ideal for little kids that want to annoy their parents and boyfriends with the maturity level of a little kid who wants to irritate their girlfriends.

Archie McPhee looked at a pickle and realized the one thing missing was its ability to yodel. 


26. Uh Oh Emergency Pants

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants


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Accouterments Uh Oh Emergency Pants are so funny that everyone at the party will need a pair. The disposable unisex underpants are safe, sanitary, and hilarious. It’s truly ideal for all birthday parties, retirements, and even Christmas. 


27. Public Toilet Survival

Accoutrements Public Toilet Survival Kit


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Archie McPhee presents the ultimate Public Toilet Survival for those that can’t go in public. Many people will rush home to use the washroom, but often there isn’t enough time, which is when the Public Toilet Survival kit will save your life.

The funny gag gift is also practical, including one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and one pair of latex-free disposable gloves.


28. The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

Boyfriend Pillow Microbead Companion Pillow – Cute and Fun Husband, Companion or Cuddle Buddy – Super Soft Body Pillow with Benefits – Unique Gag Gift Idea – Body Pillow, Blue


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The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow won’t argue, disagree, or break your heart. Instead, it’s a reliable and trustworthy pillow that’ll keep you comfortable.

It’s 100% cotton with a soft and gentle touch. Grab ahold of your boyfriend pillow and have a fantastic night’s sleep. Plus, the Original Boyfriend Body Pillow will still be there in the morning.  


29. Chia Homer Simpson

Chia Homer Handmade Decorative Planter, The Simpsons, 1 Kit


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Chia Pet proudly presents Chia Homer. Help Homer Simpson achieve his lifelong dream of having hair. The hit animated sitcom The Simpsons is famous for its priceless merchandise, however, Chia Homer might be the best one of them all.

It comes with Chia seeds, a drip tray, and a pottery planter. Not surprisingly, it’s a fun little project that takes about two weeks to grow. It’s impossible to make a wrong choice with Chia Homer.


30. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

OTOTO Baby Nessie Loose Leaf Tea Infuser (Turquoise) - Cute Tea Infuser Strainer with Steeping Spoon - Cute Tea Gifts - Long Handle Neck, Ball Body Lake Monster Silicone Tea Infuser for Herbal Tea


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The Baby Nessie Tea Infuser is a funny gag gift for all occasions, including Christmas, birthdays, or a housewarming. With its unique design, OTOTO is the only place to find the best Baby Nessie Tea Infuser. Simply place the loose leaves in the infuser and let Baby Nessie take care of the rest. 



31. Finger Protectors for Cheesy Foods

Non-Stick Chip Fingers Tips, Finger Protectors, Finger Covers Protection, 3 pcs (Blue)


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Cheesy fingers are one of the biggest problems facing Americans today. Enjoying cheesy food without leaving a trail of cheese or cheese dust behind is impossible.

Luckily, QK Endeavours Store made Non-Stick Chip Fingers Protectors so you can eat the entire bag of Cheetos. 


32. Thanos One Piece Swimsuit for Men

Thanos Swimsuit Male One Piece Swimwear for Men and Boys (Thanos, Medium)


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What do you get for the man that has everything? One-piece swimsuit featuring the mighty Thanos.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t the same after Thanos got the Infinity Stones. Brought to you by Gorgeous, the Thanos Swimsuit is more powerful than all the stones combined.

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