A Selfie Station has landed at JFK Airport

A Selfie Station has landed at JFK Airport

A Selfie Station has landed at JFK Airport

A lot of us already take cute travel selfies—in our velour tracksuits, with our colorful luggage, in our seats on the plane—but now, JFK Airport has a dedicated space to do just that.

At JFK Terminal 4, the largest terminal at the airport and the only privately operated terminal in the U.S., there is a new Selfie Station with several vivid backdrops, perfect for photo-taking. It's part of an experiential pop-up done in collaboration with local Harlem and Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs!

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Before or after your flight now until April 29, head to Gate B27 to take your selfies (for free) at the Selfie Station's "sets," which were made by brands Project 96, Bag Shop NYC, and Against Medical Advice, and their unique perspective of New York while incorporating elements of their own brand identities.

Selfie Station JFK Terminal 4
Photograph: courtesy of JFK’s Terminal 4/JFKIAT

Project 96, for example, mirrors a cross-cultural space that "allows people to break down feelings of displacement, whether they call New York home, or they're many miles away from home," according to Peter Johnson, Project Fulfiller and Owner of Project 96.

"The installation is a celebration of the human experience, which is a vivid representation of the human-centric brand that is Project 96," he said.

Bag Shop NYC, a reusable bag brand whose designs are inspired by iconic New York City imagery, uses classic "Thank You" bags and shopping carts to give travelers a sense of nostalgia and encourage them to switch to reusable bags.

"We would like our booth to be an example that we can bring ideas and imagery from the past into a present and future that is more inclusive, sustainable, and better for all," said Aisha Ndiaye, Co-Founder and Owner of Bag Shop NYC.

Selfie Station JFK Terminal 4
Photograph: courtesy of JFK’s Terminal 4/JFKIAT

Against Medical Advice, a fashion brand founded and owned by Oluwole Olosunde and inspired by his work as a registered nurse, stretched a 20-foot-tall, 3D Human across its booth. The figure’s blueprint depicts the vital organs essential to the body, demonstrating the functions that support daily life, according to Olosunde.

"JFK’s Terminal 4 is a clear depiction of the melting pot that is New York City, with so many travelers from many parts of the world, all with different languages, cultures, clothing, and cuisine," Olosunde said. "Although on the surface we may appear as different and live different lives, the similarities below the surface are what make us all the same. This blueprint is a reminder of that."

You can get a preview of the Selfie Station in the video below:

The Selfie Station is JFKIAT’s latest pop-up. Last July, "Where Will You Go Next?" invited passengers into the page of a life-sized coloring book, calling for participants to tap into their creativity and take part in creating a 35-foot mural.

"As part of our commitment to engaging local communities, we are thrilled to launch a new installation that not only offers our customers an exciting activity to experience during their travels but also raises awareness of several fantastic businesses in New York City," said Ed Midgley, VP of Customer Experience and Commercial at JFKIAT. "We hope all of our customers traveling through the terminal will stop by, snap selfies, and check out our partnering businesses."

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