Beep Beep! Fast Math Ideas

Beep Beep! Fast Math Ideas

Do you have the Beep Beep coloring page from our Premium Coloring Club? before you let your students paint or color the fun little cars, play a few minimal-prep math games! 

Place Value

  • 2 players
  • assign a row of 3 cars to each player (top and bottom of page)
  • the first car is a space to keep winning tokens
  • the next 2 cars are a place value mat - one car for the ten, the other car for the ones
  • students take turns to roll a die and build a number
  • e.g. Player 1 rolls a 1, decides on either one ten or one one
  • Player 2 rolls and has his first turn
  • After each rolling twice, 2 numbers have been created - in the example below, 13 and 24
  • the 2 numbers are compared and the largest number wins - here player 2 can put a blue counter in his first car
  • the first player to have 3 counters in their first car is the winner

place value game

Below the player has rolled 4 and has chosen to place down 4 ones. 

comparing teen numbers

Comparing 2 and 3 digit Numbers

  • 2 players
  • assign a row of 3 cars to each player and 3 dice of the same color
  • students each roll their dice and build a number, deciding which dice to place in each car
  • e.g. in the example below, the top player has made 331, the bottom player 426
  • 426 wins as it is the largest number when compared with the other and this student wins a token from the middle rows of cars
  • the first student to score 3 tokens may be declared the winner

comparing 3 digit numbers

Play by making 2 digit numbers too!

comparing 2 digit numbers

Skip Counting by 2

  • individual play
  • roll an eight sided dice and make groups of 2 to skip count
  • in the example below, the student rolled a 3, so places 2 counters in 3 cars (covering the eyes if supported is needed)
  • talk to your learners about repeated addition, equal groups and skip counting to make it faster to find the total
counting by 2

Counting by 2 Craft

To further help your students understand repeated addition for multiplication (and skip counting) they can make a Beep Beep Car!

The math craft has a fold-down interactive component which helps students get a genuine feel for how numbers grow in size by a consistent repetition of an equal set. 

It's available in our store and comes with a bonus digital warm up to present to your students on the electronic board! 

counting by 2 fold out
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