dodged the bullet....

dodged the bullet....

 ...the murder case I would have been on, had they not already chosen enough by the time they got to my number, is a tragic case.  A 28 year old woman is accused of shooting a 37 year old father of four, in front of a tavern.  There is video showing this happen, not sure what her defense will be.  

But, on Tuesday, I had to check in after noon to see if I had to go in at 1:30, and no, I got the message I had hoped for, except I wasn't called good citizen.    I'm all set for six years.  Phew.

Yesterday, we watched little Rhys while Kathryn went to a dr. appointment.  She brought Achilles with her...

Auntie Sonja K. with Rhys...
We took a quick trip to Target, Rhys liked trying on this hat.
She's just too cute.

I got a package of chicken...I'm telling you, Target chicken breast is the BEST.  But don't tell everyone, okay?  It's well trimmed and reasonably priced.  With a package of fresh chicken breast in the 'fridge, the possibilities are endless...pot pie? Soup? Maybe butter chicken?  Olive oiled and roasted?  Breaded and pan-fried?  Asian style?  

We stopped in Aldi really quick, then hurry, time for Activity Club!  Lydia was dropped off here, so into my car with her booster seat, my bag of goodies:  ring pops, snacks, a huge princess coloring book, lots of markers and crayons...and off we went.  Lydia is good company.  She doesn't like any air in the conversation.  She told me all of her class mates names, including a boy named Jimeeq, not sure of the spelling, who wears a frown.  She rattled off their names, trying to keep track of how many she had said, then she wanted me to repeat all their names to, sorry, Lyd...

Anyway.  She's delightful.  Activity club was also delightful.   We have the younger girls group, we made headbands, then the girls danced in their pretty princess dresses, with their pretty ring pops, then colored and had snacks.  They had lots of time to just run around and play, too.

This fine morning, we are heading up to Oswego to bring Camille to an appointment.  Then, we are visiting a thrift store in another city, that comes highly recommended.  

Then home...ahh, home...Grace is coming over with Grant and Ruth, staying for dinner, because Sam has class tonight.  So, what can I make with that chicken...hmmm.

Ah well....glad it's not snowy for all this driving!  Have a really nice day!
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