Free pan dulce word search & pan dulce coloring packet

Free pan dulce word search & pan dulce coloring packet

pan dulce word search

Here is a free pan dulce word search & pan dulce coloring packet to celebrate our love of Mexican pastries! I designed and helped paint a huge mural on the side of Tres Leches Cafe, and loved it so much, I made a coloring page of it. Then I took it a step further and made a word search!

Check out my post of the epic pan dulce mural we painted in Phoenix!

I painted a pan dulce-themed mural for Tres Leches Cafe a few years back and when they opened a second location, they invited me to paint a second version. Only this time it was on the side of their 20 ft tall building! We did it, and I loved the experience so much I created these coloring sheets.

pan dulce mural

FREE PRINTABLE: High res downloadable PDF: Crafty Chica Pan Dulce Coloring Packet

or if you prefer, you can right click and save these to your desktop. These are free for you to download and use as you wish. All I ask is they are used for personal use at home, in schools, community programs, etc. But not used for commercial purposes for profit (message me if you want to inquire about licensed use).


pan dulce word search

Let’s talk pan dulce!

Pan dulce translates as “sweet bread.” This type of bread was introduced too Mexico via the Spanish colonialists, but it actually became more prevent during the French occupation in the 1800s. 

These days there are more than 1,000 varieties of an dulce.

Sweet, savory and everything in between. Each has a name relating to an object or theme that the pan actually resembles.

The concha is super popular, and it translate as “shell.” As you can see, the bread looks like a shell! And then there is my fave – the oreja! It means “ear” -can you see the resemblance?

galleta, conchas, and an oreja pan dulce
Galleta, concha, oreja, concha.

Types of pan dulce

There are bread-like treats such as conchas, and elotes that are lightly sweetened. And then are puff pastry style that are light, flaky and decadent. 

Here are some resources from friends of mine who have very intensive articles about all things pan dulce!

Guide to Mexican Pan Dulce, by The Other side of the Tortilla

Mexican Pan Dulce Guide from A to Z, by Mama Latina Tips


pan dulce coloring page

This pan dulce coloring page plays off of one of the many puns – are we having fun yet? Are we having pan yet? 

The mural is girls just wanna have pan…so cute!

Girls just wanna have pan mural


pan dulce coloring page

Here is the actual mural as a coloring page!

I drew the original design on my iPad, then we projected it on the wall and then traced with a marker. But then we changed the arrangement of the mural.

For this coloring page, I took a picture of the finished mural and then went back in my iPad and traced over the design so it’s pretty accurate!


pan dulce coloring page

Let’s simplify

This mural is pretty busy and once I finished the coloring sheet, I thought it might be TOO MUCH for some people so I broke it u p into different elelemtns and created


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Thank you so much for checking out this Free pan dulce word search & pan dulce coloring packet, if you 

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