Free Superhero Coloring Pages

Free Superhero Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages love coloring and will be excited about these free superhero coloring pages. Coloring is a wonderful creative activity that also strengthens fine motor skills, focus and attention span.

I’ve collected 16 free superhero coloring pages, including printable female superhero coloring pages, that you can print out immediately.

top image child's arm with box of crayons, bottom is 12 images of superhero coloring pages

How to Print Coloring Pages

Most online coloring pages are avaliable as a pdf document. When you click on the link it should open the pdf in another window.

You can then right click on the pdf and choose to print the pages or save them to your computer.

If you choose to print them, you can often print on the draft setting to save ink. You can also select the pages you want to print if you don’t want them all.

Before you print be sure to make sure that the page size and orientation are correct. And then choose how many copies you want to print and click the print button.

You can print on regular computer printer paper if your child is going to color with crayons or colored pencils.

If you want to use markers, I recommend heavier card stock paper so that the marker ink doesn’t bleed through the paper. The card stock paper is also a good idea if your child colors with excessive pressure or enthusiasm.

You can also consider whether watercolor paper will fit in your specific printer if you choose to use watercolor paints. You need the special watercolor paper if you’re choosing to use watercolor paints. Since this paper most often comes in pads, it’s a bit trickier, depending on your printer, than standard printer paper or card stock.

I’ve created a 4-page superhero scavenger hunt that you can get for free by simply signing up for our newsletter.

Free Superhero Coloring Pages

  • Click on the links to the free coloring pages below.
  • Once the free superhero coloring book pdf opens, right click on it and save it to your computer.
  • You can then print it on your printer.
  • To save ink, you can print it on draft mode since it will be colored.
close up of 12 blank superhero coloring sheets

Here are 16 free coloring pages. Simply click the link and then right click on the image to download and save it to your computer.

Once it’s downloaded, you can print the superhero coloring pages out.

Bat Hero

Female Super Hero

Spider Hero

Super Hero Man

Captain Super Hero

These free superhero coloring pages are perfect for:

  • Long car trips
  • A superhero birthday party activity
  • Rain day activities
  • To develop fine motor skills
  • As a quiet activity for in church or visiting grandparents
  • A no-more-screen-time activity
  • Parent and child activity time

More Superhero Activities

Be sure to pin for later, so you can always find this free superhero coloring pages resource.

top image is row of colored pencils, bottom image is superhero coloring pages

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