Fun Ways Exercise Your Brain

Fun Ways Exercise Your Brain

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While we are practicing social distancing at home, you may find yourself experiencing cabin fever. If you have done an online exercise class or even just some push ups, planks and crunches,  you still may be feeling unsettled. It is just as important to exercising your mind during this time! Below are some of our suggestions on how to do just that.


Calm The Mind

Practicing any sort of meditation has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety and in turn allow you to be more at ease with the fact that you are spending an abundance of time socially isolated and in your apartment. If you are new to meditation there are some great apps that can help.


  • The Calm app that is available for download through the iTunes store or on their website can help with sleep, meditation. If you want to be led in a meditation session, there are multiple for you to choose from. If you are looking for breathing exercises, the app has many! If you want to view beautiful nature scenes, there are mountains, rivers, lakes, woods and more to explore. The app even has mindful stretching and gentle movements, which are perfect to practice in your apartment right now.



  • The Headspace app is available for download through the iTunes store or on their website Headspace is a great way to practice mindfulness and meditation. There are different levels to choose from within the different types of categories such as insight meditation, calming meditation and compassionate meditation. You even have the option to choose if you would like your experience to be guided or unguided.


Some other great options to explore are:

  • Insight timer
  • Aura
  • The Breathing App (it is free!)


A woman rolling up a yoga mat on the floor


If you would like to add some movement to your meditation, yoga is a great option.

  • Glo online yoga is a great place for all levels to start- there are numerous classes to choose from and a 15 day free trial period.
  • Gaia yoga online has a great variety of different classes for different needs whether you are looking for stress relief, flexibility or pain relief
  • You can also youtube free classes!


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If meditating is just not for you, there are  some more active things you can do to relax your mind.

  • Studies have shown that coloring can actually reduce stress and anxiety, so adult coloring books are a great activity. If you don’t have a coloring book (borrow your child’s) or just pick up a pen and start doodling to some nice music.


  • Crossword puzzles are a nice way to pass time in a relaxing manor. There are tons of different ones online that are free! You can find a topic that interests you and occupy your mind for an hour with something that is not COVID-19 related. is a free option along with


  • Sudoku is a great game that can be played solo too!



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