Funny Pumpkins

Funny Pumpkins

The free funny pumpkin page coloring page (over in the coloring club) is one of my favorites! I hope your students love it too! 

It's perfect for October and Halloween. 

Although great for coloring you could also use it:

  • as a stimulus for writing
  • to help students draw their own pumpkin character
  • for counting and math talk

Math Talk

Cut the pumpkins out. 
Ask your little learners to:
  •  make / sort groups
  • talk about the groups they made (e.g. these ones have teeth, these ones do not)
  • put them in size order
  • color them and make a pattern
  • compare sizes (this one is bigger than that one)

Today I have released a printable classroom banner that will help bring some energy, excitement and fun to your learning displays, boards and walls. Just print and trim! A blackline version is included too! 

pumpkin banner

If you're looking for even more pumpkin ideas, hop over to the resource page for help!
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