Hip Hip Hippo-ray for More Ideas

Hip Hip Hippo-ray for More Ideas

Here is a coloring page from the Premium Coloring Club library that is perfect for your youngest learners. You can talk about colors as they practice a circle crayon scribble in each dot to create a rainbow hippo! Or perhaps use a dot marker that they can easily dab.

A thin wash of purple paint over the top looks great too!

In the classroom you may like to have a behavior challenge (finishing with a hip-hip-hooray), giving each child a sheet on which they can collect stickers of achievement towards a goal. 

You can use the page flexibly for a range of fast-prep number games too:
  • roll and add counters for counting
  • start with a hippo full of counters and roll-take-away for subtraction
  • write numbers on each spot for numeral formation practice

I hope you love these extra ideas for using the hippo page - have a great day! 

And if you'd like to find out more about our Pond Coloring Club (to get this sheet) you can read more here!
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