House Payoff Coloring Sheets to Track Your Progress

House Payoff Coloring Sheets to Track Your Progress

House payoff coloring sheets can be a great way to track your mortgage payoff progress. And we’ve got some free ones for you below!

Because paying off your house is an amazing feeling. And These printable mortgage payoff coloring charts could help you get there faster.


Because when you pay attention to and celebrate every bit of progress, you focus on it more. And the more you focus, the more likely you are to send more toward reducing your mortgage balance.

That’s how we paid off our mortgage early, at least.

So without further ado, here are the printables. (With instructions below.)

The Free Mortgage Payoff Coloring Sheets

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How to Use the House Payoff Coloring Sheets and Charts

All you need to do is click on the image of the chart or coloring page you want below. They’ll automatically download. (If you’re on your phone, you may need to email them to yourself after downloading them.)

Then open them in a browser and print them out. Fill in the appropriate number of spaces or lines as directed on the house payoff coloring sheets.

Hang yours where you’ll see it each day for regular inspiration. It’s important to keep your progress and goal top of mind.

(And if you like them, please pass along the link to this page to a friend.)

Finally, if you’re looking for more ways to track your progress, check out these free debt tracker coloring pages or the Pay Off Debt app.

Free house payoff coloring sheets

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