It’s a Moo Point: We’re Buying This “Friends” Picture Book

It’s a Moo Point: We’re Buying This “Friends” Picture Book

Die hard Friends fans unite! In the wake up the HBO Special, Scholastic is here to inspire the youngest generation of followers with a new book: Life is Better with Friends.

Written by Micol Ostow and packed with chibi art by Keiron Ward, readers will learn about some of the most iconic scenes of our fave Friends. In addition to the human gang, you’ll also come across Central Perk, Marcel the monkey and Monica and Rachel’s apartment.

photo: Courtesy of Scholastic

Life is Better with Friends ($16) releases on Oct. 5 and is being followed with a number of other must-have books.

Starting in November, you can pick up the The Official Friends Coloring Book ($13), also done in the chibi art style. You’ll be able to color in your fave scenes, quotes and more.

photo: Amazon

All the fun doesn’t end in 2021. In April 2022, snag the The Official Friends Quiz and Fill-In Book ($13), that’s packed with mazes, connect-the-dots, quizzes and how-to-draw instructions!

You can already pre-order all of the new books now on Amazon.

––Karly Wood



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