Jimmy Fallon’s 6-Year-Old Schooled Jon Hamm on Farm Animals, and I Can’t Handle This Cuteness

Jimmy Fallon's daughters continue to be the cutest highlight of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, especially when they crash his celebrity interviews. During Friday's episode with Jon Hamm, Jimmy's 6-year-old Winnie snuck onscreen to chat with her dad, and taught Jon a thing or two about farm animals.

"Uh, oh, special guest star!" Jon adorably joked when Winnie greeted her dad. She didn't seemed phased by their chat at all, and instead showed off her farm animals book to Jon. "This is not a book, it's a coloring book," she corrected him, before giving Jon a lesson in pigs and cows. Watch the adorable interaction above. Jimmy said it's a homeschooling success>A? that he finally convinced Winnie she's not a chicken. Hey, we've all been