Learning Colors with Little Learners

Learning Colors with Little Learners

I shared about learning letters with my 3 year-old a little while back but thought I may want to back up to learning colors too!  My youngest knows the basic colors now at 3 but we worked hard on naming and identifying colors from about 2-3 years old.  Here are some of our favorite things to practice learning colors!

First is the most obvious, crayons!  We color, paint, and draw whenever we get a chance.  I usually have a small pack of crayons and a coloring book in my bag for whenever we go out to eat (if we ever get to do that again!).

Next, is the Learning Resources Mini-Muffin set!  This set does so much more than work on colors, there are activities for counting, learning numbers, and fine motor skills too.  

This little piggy bank has been one of my favorite toys for a while during therapy with the pre-K population.  It is great for naming/identifying colors but also can be used to incorporate so many other goals such as requesting, taking turns, counting, and naming piggy body parts. 

Books, books and more books!  It's not secret that I love books and this is a collection of just some of our favorite books about colors. My youngest LOVES dinosaurs so Colorasaurus has been read many times as well as Brown Bear, Brown Bear! 

Stacking Cups and Stacking Blocks!  These are so colorful and again can be used for more than just learning colors.  The big blocks are from Walmart and I think I got the small stacking cups from a consignment shop. 

Counting bears with color cups!  I bought these to help with counting, adding, and subtracting for my oldest kiddo but they have been great for learning colors and sorting for my youngest too. I bought them from a Teacher Supply Store but the link is similar from Amazon.

And last but definitely not least, magnetic blocks!  I bought ours from Amazon, they are Picasso Tiles and are super durable!  I have a set at home and at school.  Even my older kiddos love building with these and they are easy to use with learning colors! 

Super colorful!  Of course, I love all things rainbow order so all these are so fun to play with. I hope that gives you some ideas to practice learning colors with your little ones!
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