Match Me Math Activities for Numbers 0 to 10

Match Me Math Activities for Numbers 0 to 10

This week I revised one of our original free math activities for you! It is available for you from our TpT store and includes cards for number words, numerals and dot patterns 0-10.

I have also recorder a short video over on Instagram to give you lots of bonus ideas for using the cards to extend your learners. 

To celebrate the newly revised resource being re-released this week I also made a coloring page that you could use along with an activity from Match Me.

Matching Numbers 1 to 5

Use the page as directed and have students link the matching numbers with a line. They may also color the number cards in the same color to show each match. 

Combine Coloring with Math Equipment

Gather some simple math equipment and encourage students to play as they color. With each roll of the dice, they are building math imagery in their minds!
If you have lots of dice, let them roll and match a dice to the page directly. If you only have one dice per student, just ask them to roll and color a kid.
They could also roll and cover a kid with a counter. 
For students learning to count sets and build 1:1 correspondence, ask them to build towers that match each number and place them on the page. Talk about the different heights of each tower and lay them down to compare numbers. 

We are so happy to share these resources with you from our TPT store and Pond Coloring Club
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