Pattern Block Car

Pattern Block Car

Let your children have fun exploring shapes with an activity page free today in our Pond Coloring Club

They will color the shapes, cut them and follow the guide to glue them into position. 

Car with pattern block shapes activity page

2D Shape Car

If you have students with only emerging scissor skills, this could be too challenging. Perhaps:
  • cut for them
  • enlarge the page on a photocopier so they have bigger pieces to hold
  • cut the shape out and use as a play mat with real timber pattern blocks instead

Here is one I printed today. I needed to print it at 112% and on landscape orientation to fit. Experiment with your printer and paper to get the perfect size for your blocks.

Pattern Block PLay Mat For A Car

Using 2D Shapes to Make a Car

I hope your students love the page- if you're not yet a member of the club, I sure would love to have you!

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