Quirky Collages: Hummingbird Gift Bag

Quirky Collages: Hummingbird Gift Bag

I've completed another coloring page from Don Stewart's Quirky Collages to Color (affiliate link here and below). This time, I colored his hummingbird collage. I used Prismacolor art markers, cut out the image using microtip scissors, and adhered it to a plain gift bag.  

Here's a closer look at the colored image. Can you spot the nine flowers that make up the hummingbird. You should find: anthurium, bird of paradise, calla lily, chrysanthemum, crocus, hydrangea, orchid, rose, and trumpet vine. 

Adding your colored images to gift bags is a great way to get them out of the coloring book and seen. It's also an easy way to personalize a gift bag. Just choose an image you know the recipient will love!
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