School Coloring Pages

School Coloring Pages


school coloring page

Over in our Pond Coloring Club we have a growing collection of pages for you and your learners to color with a school theme. Please send me your requests if there is a page you would like to see added!

A coloring page on the desk of your students on the first day/weeks of school 
  • can give anxious/unsettled students a consistent routine to follow when they enter the classroom - find their desk, sit, work on single page
  • provides an opportunity for students to sit at their desk and complete a task with minimal instructions from you (allowing you to get to support students who need 1:1 support)
  • can be an option - provide blank paper too for students who would prefer to draw
If you are not yet a member of our club, we would love to have you - you can find out all about joining over on the website.
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