Shavuot Puppets – Mountains Song

Shavuot Puppets – Mountains Song

Ready for a new set of Shavuot puppets to follow up with these coloring puppets. These mountain puppets are a fun kids craft to color and play. This post contains affiliate links.


Click for a fun Shavuot puppets craft for kids to make for shavuos. This fun Jewish preschool activity and toddler craft is an easy free printable coloring page and music activity for the Jewish holidays.


As kids, we enjoyed the “I am a mountain so very tall” song that was based on a famous midrash.

The story goes as follows:

G-d was looking for a mountain to give the Torah on. All of the mountains started boasting “I am the tallest, I am the prettiest, I am the widest, the Torah should given on me.”

But humble and simple Mt Sinai thought he wasn’t worthy because he wasn’t powerful and beautiful. G-d chose humility as the trait he wanted in a mountain to give the Torah on. He made flowers, grass and trees grow to make it beautiful for the big day.


Thanks to a reader suggestion to make mountain puppets, I decided to create this color-in craft that teaches this story and makes a great sing-along activity with the song.



Here’s a video of one version of the song, so that you can sing along with your Shavuot puppets:


We made these as fingers puppets and so you have a strip on your template (don’t cut it off!) to make your own finger puppets.

You can make these into stick puppets easily – just cut off the strips and glue on a popsicle stick instead!

Little kids will love singing the song with the puppets they colored on their fingers!


I had fun coloring these with my Mommy markers but the boys also had fun tackling it with their Crayolas. M didn’t do his in time to get into the post but here are Y’s:


Download your free printable Shavuot mountain coloring page puppets:

If the form below isn’t loading, click here to go to the download page.

This is a free download – that means that you can enter $0 in the price field to get it for free. Donations do help us keep this blog going as at the time of writing this we still don’t have ads. They are totally optional.

If you prefer, you can get the full color version here! It comes with the color-in too in one instant download.

This download is for personal or physical classroom use. Please do not pass on digital copies, even for classroom use. Share this post or the download form if you want to use it in virtual classroom settings.




What you need to assemble your Shavuot puppets:


How to make your mountain puppets:


1. Color your puppets!



2. Cut them out.


3. Size your puppet to those little fingers and if you need to deepen the slit on top of the rectangle (but leave as much as you can in place).


4. Tape or glue a loop to fit your little one’s fingers.


What are your favorite Shavuot crafts to make? Comment below!



Click to download free printable shavuot puppets including Har sinai and the lesson on being humble! This fun Jewish shavuos craft for kids is great for preschool and toddlers and a fun at home activity or Hebrew school craft.

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