Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I have a bunch of stocking stuffer ideas that might work for just about everyone on your list.  There are a range of price points but I really tried to not find junk or tons of sweets.

Here goes:

Birdie Personal AlarmThis is a fantastic idea for a college student or a teen new to driving that might have an evening job.  This Birdie alarm hooks to your keychain or bag and you can get an instant strobe light and alarm in case of a dangerous situation.

Light Up Fidget Spinner. These fidgets are extra cool because they light up and come in tons of colors and styles.

Book Light. I love this happy little sunshine book light.

Bendy Book Light. Another whimsical book light option- this bendy light can be twisted into different positions.

Beaded Phone Strap. A fun little accessory – get a custom beaded phone strap for your phone.  My teen makes these for her friends.

Kristin Ess Hair Clips. These are such a pretty and simple little item to add some sparkle.

Crocs Shoe Charms. Tons of options and lord help me if every teenager I know doesn’t have Crocs.  More Jibbitz options here.

Star Wars Cocoa Bomb. These cocoa bombs are so fun but do tend to sell out so don’t wait to pick yours up.  More options here.

Thread Wallets. These are perfect for kids or teens that want a simple and easy option to carry student ids, cards and a little cash.  They come in several color options and styles.

Multisport Ball Pump. Perfect for your little athlete – this pump is digital and works on several different balls.

Sneaker Deodorizing Balls. Again for athletes or teens, these little sneaker balls are perfect for stinky shoes.

Clinique Black Honey Lipstick. Alright this is sold out but if you can keep an eye out, you might pick it up for the holidays.  It is a black colored lip gloss that actually goes on almost sheer to highlight your natural lip color.  It is beautiful in person- teens would love this. If you can’t find this in stock, the Winky Lux lip balms are also a fun option.

Dino Phone Stand. These are fun for a bathroom if kiddos like to watch videos while getting ready or as a dock on a nightstand.

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning. My daughter is obsessed with popcorn so I got her a little sample pack of various seasonings.  I also added this seasoning blend.

Friends Coloring Book. A fun option for younger people that are new to Friends or old broads like me that loved the show the first time around.

Nee Doh.  Simple and easy gift for kids that is sure to be a hit.

Nerds Lip Balm. This is a fun lip balm for kiddos.  Another option is this Sour Patch kids lip balm.  If you are looking for ideas for your child to get for their friends- I bought these Grinch candies  and Lip Smackers and put them in clear bags with crinkle and tied them with this star garland.  Simple, cheap and cute.

Sol de Janiero Perfume Mist.  The Sol de Janiero lotions and bum cream smell amazing.  This light mist of fragrance would be a lovely gift– as of posting it is 20% off.

Home DIY Calculator.  This is a great gift for a DIYer- a calculator that computes dimensions for projects, measurements for tile or wallpaper and even paint gallons needed.  I picked this up for my Dad and husband.

Hopefully some of these ideas work for you!

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