Teaching Tuesdays~ Mother Mary & Cain and Abel

Teaching Tuesdays~ Mother Mary & Cain and Abel

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Happy Tuesday! This week's Sunday school class was a lot of fun for the kids. We learned so many things! It was a busy class filled with a variety of activities. 

Saint~ Saint Martin of Tours

We read a brief summary of his life from the Book of Saints from the St. Joseph Picture Books Series. We added his picture to our saint poster. The kids colored the coloring page of Saint Martin of Tours. 

At story time the children headed to the foam mats and  I read The Sword and the Cape by Pamela Love.


The children always enjoy this story of a Roman shoulder who showed a poor, old man who doesn't have anything such kindness and love.  He's a wonderful example of charity and treating others as you would Jesus. 

Virtue~ Charity

Charity is loving God with all your heart, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself. We talked about ways that they could practice the virtue of charity. Helping a friend at school, not being a bully at school, helping your mom with dishes, and picking up a pencil or books a student were just a few of the ideas the kids came up with.

Old Testament Lesson~ Cain and Abel 

We read the bible story of Cain and Abel. We talkd about how Cain was jealous of Abel. Cain's jealousy is what caused him to kill Abel. We talked about how jealousy is a sin and it hurts God. We talked about times we were jealous and what we should do if we feel jealousy brewing. 

The children then completed a fun maze, Am I My Borther's Keeper?

Catechism Lesson~ 

We talked about who Mary is and why she is important. We talked about how October is the month of the Holy Rosary. We prayed one decade of the roasary together as a class. 
For our craft, we made a rosary. I found this easy, simple craft over at Catholic Icing.

Supplies Needed~


We continued practicing the Sign of the Cross and learning the Glory Be. We started working on the Hail Mary since October is the month of the Holy Rosary.

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