The 7 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids and Toddlers

The 7 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids and Toddlers

Kids are like sponges. They absorb new information quickly and easily. That's why it's a great idea to implement some learning activities during playtime. They'll enjoy themselves and learn without putting a focus on it.

There are countless subscription boxes that promise to help young children have fun during playtime while improving their development and growing certain skills, like distinguishing colors, knowing numbers, and more.

Here, we'll look at seven of the best subscription boxes you can choose from.

1. Koala Crate by KiwiCo

KiwiCo focuses on creativity and fun with its Koala Crate, which caters to children ages two to four. If you choose to get a crate, you have to put in your child's name and birthday (just the month and the year).

Then you decide how many deliveries you want. You can subscribe monthly or for three, six, and twelve months. Subscriptions cost you $19.95 per month, $19.95 per month, $18.50 per month, and $16.95 per month, respectively.

It's affordable, and it gets you a themed box that varies month-to-month and contains several games that help develop learning skills. Along with creative projects, there's a parent's guide to ensure you know how to play the games. If you're not a parent yourself, this crate makes for an excellent gift.

2. Bluum

Bluum offers subscriptions “From Pregnancy to Preschool” and prides itself on focusing on “everything pregnancy, baby and toddler.” A Bluum box costs $34 per month and gets you age-specific items.

It carries five or six full-size products that follow a theme and help to further the child's development. The theme changes monthly.

Bluum sends you carefully curated items, but if you're not happy with the box you get, you can choose replacements for what you dislike, as long as supplies last. It also promises that the retail value exceeds the price you pay for the box.

3. Hoppi Box

Hoppi Box offers two subscription plans. There's a Quarterly one that costs $75 per quarter and an Annual one that's $66 per quarter. Hoppi Box provides age-appropriate items that help kids hit their developmental milestones.

The toys in each box nurture the improvement of fine motor, cognitive, and social skills and take inspiration from the Montessori method. Montessori is an educational method that prizes self-directed activity, collaborative play, and learning.

A Hoppi Box subscription gets you four or more playthings to help your child learn during playtime and have fun doing it. The items you get are organic, BPA-free, and eco-friendly.

4. Little Fun Club

Reading to young children is proven to help with their development and strengthen their cognitive skills. Little Fun Club offers to get you age-appropriate books to read to your child.

Whether they're too young, and you need to read to them, or they're at an age where they can try to read themselves, its worth giving the subscription a try.

You can choose between two options. One is getting two hand-picked books for your child based on their age, and the other is to get three. Both choices come with three subscription models to pick from, month-to-month, three, or six months.

A six-month (or more) subscription costs $16.95 per box, a three-month one is $18.95 per box, and a monthly one is $20.95 per box. Little Fun Club promises that what you pay will always be less than the combined value of what you get.

5. Reading Bug Box

Reading Bug Box is another service that provides reading material along with some other gifts. Every Reading Bug Box follows a theme, and themes change monthly.

Apart from reading books, the box contains some extra goodies to help kids improve their cognitive skills, and there's even a note to help with tracking progress and giving advice on what activities you can do and follow-up reading titles.

Reading Bug Box offers four boxes to choose from. Baby, Read to Me, Early Reader, and Reader. The Baby option comes with pre-selected titles and starts at $18. The other ones start at $27 and have room for personalization.

Since your child's taste will change over time, you can select diff3rent titles that match their interests, reading ability, and age throughout the length of the subscription.

6. Coloring Book of the Month Club

Coloring Book of the Month Club encourages kids' creative expression. The subscription costs you $59.95 per year, which amounts to less than $5 per month.

For that price, you get a coloring book for each month, crayons of which you can choose to get ten jumbo crayons or 24 regular ones, and a short letter. The letter mentions who's behind this artistic gift. The coloring book is a hefty 96 pages, or even larger sometimes.

It features beloved media characters from film and TV, so you'll easily find Mickey Mouse, and the roster of Disney princesses included on the pages. But you'll also discover nature elements and themes, wildlife, educational topics, and more.

Give the Coloring Book of the Month Club a try, and maybe your kid will choose to draw on the pages rather than the walls.

7. Whizz Pop Bang

Whizz Pop Bang is a science magazine for children, aiming to ignite their passion for science and spark a life-long infatuation with learning. It caters to a bit of an older crowd than toddlers: kids aged six to twelve, but it still deserves a spot as it's pretty awesome.

There are three subscriptions to choose from: a monthly one and ones for six and twelve months. If you decide to renew them automatically, they cost $9.50, $52.00, and $99.99, respectively. But if you settle on a one-off subscription, then the six and twelve months ones cost $56.00 and $109.00.

A Whizz Pop Bang subscription earns you a box of science. There are hands-on experiments your kid can do to help them discover and learn, along with puzzles and various science news, creating a wondrous mix of facts and fun.

Start Them Early and Hope for the Best

When it comes to children, you can only try to do what's right and hope for the best. Many studies show that reading to them from an early age helps improve their development. Doing puzzles and stacking blocks benefits their cognitive skills.

It's critical to nurture your child's curiosity and creativity from a very young age. Each of these subscriptions can help you do that, whether it's reading to them or teaching them to read, helping them learn letters and colors, or looking to get them into science.

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