Thrifting My Time Away

Thrifting My Time Away

I just love thrift store shopping.  My mom took me as a kid.  I loved it then and I still love it now.  Thankfully I have some really great stores in my area.  for the most part, each of the towns, no matter what direction I go, has thrift stores and my going to town always means I’m stopping at one of them.

So many people tell me that the reason they don’t like thrift shopping is that they don’t find anything.  For me, that’s not a problem.  For the most part, I shop with everyone in my family in mind.  Carver could use a few pairs of jeans for when school starts in the fall.  I love all things crafty.  Buck was looking for a Dutch oven.  So with all of that in mind, it’s easy to find things.

Here are some of my finds over the last few weeks…There has been a lot of fabric at the thrift store lately and I love it.  These were all 1 1/2 yard pieces.  I love grabbing these.

There were also these three panels.

They are the same panel only different in color.  Two were $1 each and the other was $2.  I can never figure out their pricing.  I bought them all.  I kept one and passed others on and hopefully, they will be charity quilts one day.

I picked up these pieces.  On the right are all flannel pieces or sweatshirt pieces.  They will go for layettes.  I kept the $5 batik and that was already used as a part of the quilt back for my Garlic Knots quilt.

This was my haul from another day…The one floral is a feed sack.  I paid 50 cents for it!!

The pink is sweatshirt fabric and will go to Carolyn to be made into sweatshirts for baby care kits.  I think it was $2 for the chunk.  I thought I’d send the Frozen fabric to the Cresco ladies to use for a backing.  The others were just small pieces of fabric, 50 cents each that I’ll add to my stash.

I scored on Rick Rack.  I pick this up and pass this on to a friend.  I did keep a few that I plan to use in finishing some projects of my own.

Kayla told me to be on the lookout for these little frames and boy did I ever score!!

All of these for $2.  Kayla resells these in her Etsy shop.

I also scored some sheets.  The bottom gray ones are flannel and will be used for baby kits.  They will be turned into diapers.  The others are cotton and will be quilt backs.  I keep an eye open for me and for the Cresco Ladies.

I often find deals like this…50 cents for vacuum cleaner bags that fit my vacuum.  There were 8 in the package.  Something like this, I buy whether I currently NEED bags or not.  This time I was actually down to two bags so it was a good time to buy more, especially for only 50 cents.

I’ve been looking for a few Ken dolls.  They rarely have them at the thrift store but this day they had four.  I bought three of them.  I’m so happy to have found them.  The after-school girls like to play Barbies and Carver likes to play.  Previously I only had one “Ken”.  Now there are more.  These were 50 cents each.  I found a brown-haired Barbie and Barbie clothes too!

For less than the price of one Barbie at the store, I got four dolls and three bags full of clothes!

I found fabric more fabric to send to Carolyn for baby gowns.

I got this bag of balls to have to add to my dough bowl if I need fillers.  It was $1.50.

I bought this sewing basket for $2.

I’m debating about using it to keep a cross-stitch project in here that uses floss on spools…hmm.  For now, it’s in my sewing room.

I also picked up this little box.  It was $2.  I’d love to find something to stitch and attach to the top.  I love stitching samplers but I also love all of the little do-dads like this little box that can add to the whole sampler wall area of cross stitch.

It will likely get painted before I attach anything to it.

Here is my haul the last time I went.  No fabric this time!  I bought a coloring book and stencil for the kiddos. Two fresh rolls of scotch tape were only 25 cents for the two.  I found a gown for the baby kits.  I bought two small embroidery hoops, 25 cents each and two skeins of embroidery floss for 10 cents each.  It’s all a strange collection…

I found linens.  I have something in the mind for the linens.  Who knows if I’ll ever get to it.

I was happy to find a brand new microwave popcorn popper.  I have the smaller version which I have loved.  I typically eat two batches though so having the bigger one is perfect.  It was $1.50.

I just never know what I’m going to find when I go.  The possibilities are really endless.

I was talking to my sister one day and she asked why I thought I liked thrifting so much.  I told her if I go to any Walmart in my area, they pretty much all have the same thing.  If I go to any chain stores…it’s all the same and there is little fun in that.

If I go to the thrift store, the offerings change daily and for some, even hourly.  I can afford anything in the store.  It’s the only store I can walk into and feel rich!  I’m sure there are some of you who thrift and can totally relate.  For those of you who don’t, thanks for tolerating all of us who do.

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