Using Blockly Blocks to Color an All About Me Worksheet

Using Blockly Blocks to Color an All About Me Worksheet

Using Blockly Blocks to Color an All About Me Worksheet

This All About Me worksheet was designed to use at the beginning of school. However, you could use it with your children whenever you like. The worksheet is part of a series of sneaker printables designed to go along with the book Pete the Cat: Rocking My School Shoes.

The directions for what your children need to write or draw on the shoes are displayed on Blockly Blocks. They will need to follow them to complete the algorithm or series of steps needed to complete the worksheet.

Wait! What are Blockly Blocks?

Blockly blocks are a visual drag and drop programming language. The blocks connect to form an algorithm or series of steps needed to complete a task. The command or step you need to complete is displayed on each block.

Getting the All About Me Worksheet Ready

Offline Coding Academy -All About Me Sneakers

Getting the Worksheet

Before you download a copy of the Offline Coding Academy – All About Me Sneakers you will need to make sure you have a PDF reader on your computer. This worksheet is a PDF document it will not open without a PDF reader on your computer.

Reading About Coding

This activity is based on a Pete the Cat book. While you will want to read that book to them, you may also want to read your children a book about coding. Below you will find some wonderful children’s books about coding.

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Working on the Worksheet

  • First, you will need to walk your children through the algorithm or directions of the Blockly Blocks. You will notice that almost all of the directions ask you to decorate or write on the side one shoe first.
  • Next, your children may need you to remind them to color the same number of shoelaces on both shoes. They can color the laces in any order or pattern they want to. If you would prefer for them to color from the top down or every other lace, you could have them do that.
  • Then they can work through the direction blocks on their own or with you. There are a number of words on each block. If after reading them once with your children they seem overwhelmed, you could read each step to them.
  • Finally, you can have your children share their shoes with you. They can share with your what they have written or drawn on the sides of the shoes. You can learn a lot while listening to your children share out loud.

Here are the other sneaker-themed worksheets in this series:

Free Printable Sneaker-Themed Math Game Boards

These free printable sneaker-themed game boards can be used to review a number of math skills. One of the game boards is editable. It can be used to work on any skills you need your children to review.

Sneaker Algorithm Game Boards Printable Set

Next, there is an Offline Coding Academy – Algorithm Game Boards set.  Your children can create a path or algorithm around the sneakers to get from the start to the end.

Spelling Sneaker Words- Binary Code for Kids

Finally, a great way to learn about binary numbers is to spell with them. This worksheet invites children to spell parts of a sneaker in binary code.

Free Printable Cat Mask Template Based on Pete the Cat

While it is not a part of this series, your children may want to color a cat mask. I created the mask to look like Pete the Cat. It is not a perfect match to the pictures of him in his books.

Using Blockly Blocks to Color an All About Me Worksheet



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