Visit Cuba – A Coloring Book For Those With A Passion For Cuba

Visit Cuba – A Coloring Book For Those With A Passion For Cuba

The Viva Cuba Coloring Book about Cuba with old famous Travel Posters to Cuba

The Book Review of Visit Cuba – A Coloring Book about Cuba

Visit Cuba is the perfect gift for travelers, children and artistic adults alike. The Bucket List Project’s first travel inspired coloring book is a fun, lighthearted journey through vintage tourism posters, encouraging the artist to make the colorful heritage of Cuba their own. Travel enthusiasts will find themselves dreaming of the tropical island and wanting to book a trip immediately. Children will love to color the enchanting pictures and stay busy for hours. And adults will sit down to a beautiful canvas of pages that will help relieve stress and transport them to another world. You can’t go wrong with Visit Cuba, and we can only hope that this is merely the first in a line of coloring books from The Bucket List Project that showcase the world’s beauty and heighten our wanderlust in the best way.

Picture of the Free Copies of the Visit Cuba Coloring Book Given out during the Rickshaw Run in India
The Bucket List Project gave out Free Copies of the Visit Cuba Coloring Book during our wild Rickshaw Run Adventure across all of India!

Visit Cuba is a fun coloring book for kids & adults alike! If you have a Passion for Cuba, this fun coloring book will definitely feed your wanderlust! Get 1 Today! #ColoringBook #Cuba
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Why we created the Visit Cuba Coloring Book

For those who don’t know, Eric’s mother, Lilian Madan Gamble was born in and spent her early childhood in Cuba. Therefore, he has always been interested in learning more about the people, music, and culture of his family’s origin. As a result, a Visit to Cuba is the top item on the Adventure Travel Bucket List!

So one day, while dreaming about Cuba’s beautiful beaches and smoking cigars while drinking a Hemingway Daquiri, he hopped online to search for old travel photos of his mother’s homeland. And that is when it happened. In that search, he found incredible old travel posters from now defunct airlines and travel agencies! These posters were absolutely beautiful in color and imagery. Thus, in the hopes of stimulating other’s passion for Cuba as well, Eric decided to share them with the world.

How To Purchase

Visit Cuba is published and shipped by Lulu Publishing.  Lulu offers the expertise, independence and flexibility to buy and share what you love with the world. They are passionate about providing a remarkable experience for you to tell stories, share knowledge and fulfill your creative potential. To obtain your own Visit Cuba Coloring Book CLICK HERE!

Product Details of the Visit Cuba Coloring Book

Title: Visit Cuba – A Coloring Book for Those with a Passion For Cuba
ISBN: 9781365589577
Copyright: Eric R Gamble (Public Domain)
Publisher: The Bucket List Project
Published: January 27, 2017
Language: English
Pages: 44
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Black & white
Weight: 0.45 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 8.5 wide x 11 tall

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About Our Book Reviewer:

Darcee Snider Gamble is a Wyoming native, who appreciates the work ethic and strong values that growing up in the Cowboy State afforded her.  New Orleans has been a part of Darcee for a long time and she is excited to now be a part of New Orleans. She believes there is truly nowhere else like the Big Easy and the experiences it affords its citizens; she can’t wait to share them with the family and friends that are sure to visit.  Passion for literature, food, history, adventure and music are reasons why living in New Orleans is such an important part of Darcee’s story. She writes each chapter by enjoying the wonders of the Carousel Bar, exploring the WWII Museum, walking the streets of Uptown, navigating the hidden gems of the French Quarter and eating a Po-Boy at Mahony’s. Visit Darcee’s blog at

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