Watermelon Coloring Page

Watermelon Coloring Page

We have some lovely free summer coloring pages ready for you over in our dedicated website - Pond Coloring Club!

Some quiet coloring time in the afternoon is a great way for little ones to relax and be mindful after a busy day outside. Our pages may also serve as a catalyst for drawing ideas - encourage them to draw their own interpretation or extend upon the page with additional features, patterns or words! 

In the summer category of the club you'll find mermaids, watermelons, pineapple, crabs, whales, fish, sandcastles and more.


watermelon Coloring Page

Some ideas:

  • use marker to outline the main parts of the page and fill with soft pencil or pastel
  • flip the page and write a story
  • read some summer themed picture books 
  • use coloring time as an opportunity to build language - many less-social children will happily chat and talk while engaged in an activity like coloring or drawing where eye contact is not a focus
  • display your child's work no matter what it looks like and tell them how proud you are that they've tried so hard

mermaid coloring page

free summer coloring pages

If you are not yet a member of our free coloring club may I let you know that it is very simple to join - just sign up with your email!

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