Ways To De-Stress When You’re Living with Depression

Ways To De-Stress When You’re Living with Depression

Living with depression at any stage or for any length of time is really challenging. Depression is usually either the result of a difficult life circumstance, or a chronic chemical imbalance. Regardless, it’s so important to reach out for the necessary resources and support. You need to know you’re not alone.

Ways To De-Stress When You’re Living with Depression
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If I could recommend anything, it would be to connect with a therapist who can help you overcome these challenges using tools tailored to you. If you’d like to learn more about therapy and how it can help with depression, head on over to BetterHelpThere is one aspect of depression people often overlook: the stress and anxiety that can come with it. In fact, anxiety is actually a very common symptom of major depression, and people living with depression may also experience panic attacks. That’s why de-stressing when you feel your anxiety rising is crucial to preventing panic and managing depression. Read on for some simple and enjoyable ways to de-stress.

Create a soothing nightly routine.

There’s no better way to de-stress and get a good night’s sleep than creating a soothing bedtime routine for yourself. This can include whatever you personally enjoy. Make sure that as a rule of thumb, you turn off screens at least half an hour before sleep. 

For your nightly routine, you can burn a candle and take a long shower or hot bath. You can apply a new face mask. You can do some stretching on a yoga mat before hopping into bed. Whatever it is that relaxes your body and releases your racing thoughts after a long day.

Incorporate daily exercise and movement.

Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of stress, especially chronic stress that lives in the body. It keeps our minds focused on the activity at hand, and it releases tension in our joints and reduces inflammation. It’s best to incorporate some form of movement every single day, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk. You can lift weights at the gym, jog around the block, go for a bike ride, or join a yoga class. Even stretching gets that essential de-stressing motion in. 

Pamper yourself with new skincare or beauty products.

If your depression and stress has been especially bad lately, it can feel really good to pamper yourself with some new beauty products. Is there a new face mask you’ve been wanting to try? What about a sweet-smelling body scrub or bath bomb? All of these can offer the benefits of aromatherapy, healthier skin, and soothing sensations. Bath & Body Works has an incredible Stress Relief collection with a variety of products to try out.

Pick up a creative hobby. 

Creating something with your hands can be very therapeutic and de-stressing. Like exercise, it allows you to focus your attention on something other than anxious thoughts. 

If you find a hobby you’re really passionate about, you may even reach a “flow” state while doing it, which is a very meditative and healing state for your body and mind. Sky’s the limit with these hands-on creative hobbies. You can try out an adult coloring book, painting, playing an instrument, journaling, or wood carving. Anything you connect with!

Meditate or deep-breathe.

One of the best ways to reduce stress and heal from chronic, long-term anxiety is to incorporate a daily meditation or mindfulness practice. This doesn’t have to be as intense as it sounds. 

Meditation can be done using a podcast guided recording, or just sitting on a comfy chair with your eyes closed for ten minutes. Even deep breathing while you focus on your breath is an excellent form of meditation, and can release tension in the body and ease a stressed-out mind. 

Take some obligations off your plate.

When you think about methods of de-stressing during a tough, overwhelming time in your life, you may not immediately think about time management. And while things like good sleep and exercise treat the symptoms of stress, it’s important to think about what’s causing your stress in the first place.

Our stress levels often skyrocket when we are taking on more work, appointments, and commitments than our lives can reasonably accommodate. Everyone has a different threshold for how “busy” they are capable of being before they become too overwhelmed. You need to pay attention to the rhythm of your mind and body. 

Is that additional client you just took on making you miss out on your soothing nightly routine because you’re backed up with work? Are you frazzled during the day as you run from appointment to appointment? Maybe it’s time to allocate some of your obligations to others who can help, or simply dropping commitments and mastering the art of saying “no.”

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