Ways to Have Fun as a Family Online

Ways to Have Fun as a Family Online

Two words parents are all too familiar with: “I’m bored.” Two words that can instantly help: Google Families. This site helps parents navigate their family’s ever-evolving tech journey through educational—and really fun!—digital content to explore together. A go-to hub of interactive resources, families.google lets you take virtual field trips, travel to unexpected places, get creative and master new skills.

Here’s a snapshot of the cool content that will tap into your kiddo’s budding curiosity and creativity. (Be prepared to pick up some new hobbies and interests, too!)

Families.Google is packed with content to help families explore and grow. Learn more.

Computer Science for Kids

Introduce your kiddo to computer science by coding their own super hero. Through short, instructional videos, kids learn how to use Scratch for CS First, a block-based coding editor. Create the hero, make her move, fly and spin. Add background music, transform it into a game and even add another character. Keep exploring the many coding lessons available to hone those stellar computer science skills. Good news for parents, you don’t have to be an expert coder or even know how to code at all. The instructions are easy to follow and fun for everyone involved!  

Ready, Get STEM, Go!

Attention budding scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and tech stars… Explore Google Arts & Culture on the web or download the free app to open your eyes to our awe-inspiring world (and beyond!). Go on virtual reality tours of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. With 100 interactive online exhibits, you’ll feel like you went to the museum, without having to find a parking spot. Other STEM activities give you the chance to climb inside a space shuttle, conduct an orchestra in your browser, build your own voice controlled object, and see a prehistoric “sea dragon” in 360 VR. Use Google Earth to go on an intergalactic space adventure with legendary explorers and travel to meet the most iconic women in science. Learn about everyday inventions (yep, even the toilet), incredible inventors, and so much more. Your littlest learners will love the Sesame Street science activities.

Families.Google is packed with content to help families explore and grow. Learn more.

Art Adventures

From touring art museums around the world to playing interactive games, there are countless ways to let your creativity flourish. Play “I spy” with the world’s most famous artwork or try a visual crossword puzzle. Use the art coloring book to add a fresh spin to famous paintings. See what’s happening at the Louvre or check out the most famous works of art around the world at any museum. Learn how to make an origami crane. And be sure to capture the family fun with an “art selfie.” This great content ties art, history and important icons together for a truly enriching experience.

Wonders of the World

Whether you want to go back in time or take a journey through Thailand, you don’t actually need to leave your home. Get immersed in cultures around the world, learn about trailblazers and pioneers, and important moments in history. Discover the ruins of the Colosseum, the Pyramids of Giza, the Versailles Hall of Mirrors, and many national parks. Join Mission Blue on the high seas and then scope out the fanciest rooms at the White House. Even better? You can do all of this without packing a suitcase. You’ll enjoy being part of this exploration with your children and opening their eyes to everything our world has to offer.

Families.Google is packed with content to help families explore and grow. Learn more.

Let’s Play!

Who doesn’t love games? From playing old school PAC-MAN to hosting a digital puzzle party, there are lots of quality games, playlists, and kids apps to check out. Your resident Rockstar will love the Chrome Music Lab for hands-on experiments that make learning about music even more fun. And in case you’re in need of a new emoji, it can be created here.

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