What to Put in Your Kids Easter Basket

What to Put in Your Kids Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to share what to put in your kid’s Easter baskets.  From crafts to colors, kites to beads.  I love finding fun items to share with you and hope it helps your Easter planning!

Easter basket filler ideas
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Easter craft – we love to do crafts at our house, so I’m always sure to include a fun artistic project like this.  The Mondo Llama line has tons of affordable fun little craft kits and ideas.

Rainbow bath bombs – the kids love taking baths so I’m always on the look out for fun things to do in the tub.  These bath bombs release all sorts of different colors in the tub – endless entertainment!  Plus, they’re made with natural ingredients and provide lots of fizzing fun.

Stuffed animal – I love this brand of stuffed animals, so I’ve included one small stuffie for each of the kids in their Easter baskets.  Ben is getting the Stegosaurs, Frankie the chicks, Freddie the T-Rex and Sam the bunny rattle.

Bubbles – always bubbles.  The kids love them all spring and summer long.  And really any day of the week.  I’m always amazing how long kids can be entertained by bubbles, so I always include them in Easter baskets.

Wind up toys – these toys just make me giggle when they move and remind me of childhood.  I know the kids will get a a good laugh out of them. How fun!

Kites – Spring is always a great time to try kite flying as it’s getting warmer and always seems to be perfectly breezy.  I have a friend who used to always get a kite in her Easter basket so she inspired me to do the same for my kids this year.

Stickers – there is no shortage of adorable Easter stickers but I love these foam stickers from Michaels and this whole sticker book from Paper Source!

Kinder Joy Eggs – I feel like these have become super popular lately and if you’re ok with your kids having some tasty chocolate and sweet cream, these are a great Easter candy.  You open the egg, enjoy the chocolate/sweet cream and have a fun little toy to play with too!  Hey, you could even hide this egg as part of a fun egg hunt.

Coloring book and Crayons – something I feel like we can never have enough of!  I always love to add a themed coloring book to gifts.  I do the same at Christmastime in the kid’s stockings too.

Hatch and Grow seed ball kit – I thought these were too cute for a fun way to teach kids some easy gardening.  Recycled, biodegradable and great for the earth; all winning!

Bead kitthis particular bead set has perfect pastel colors, alphabet beads, round and bunny shapes.  I’m excited to see the kid’s creativity run wild.  I’m sure I’ll be wearing ‘creative’ children-designed jewelry soon!

If you’d like to get one larger gift, that doesn’t really fit into a basket, this garden wheelbarrow is adorable.

Easter baskets and Easter name tags
Easter basket tags | Bunny basket | Basket liners

And you can’t forget the baskets!

Baskets – I love this option for personalized baskets for the kids.  There are honestly so many great ones on Etsy that it was hard to choose, but basket liners are flexible and easy to store!  Another great option is these Easter basket tags which are also so adorable.

Ok ok just one more because how adorable!?

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