4 Tips to Throw an Outdoor Party for Men

Are you planning to throw your bachelor party in your backyard? Or maybe celebrate your birthday with only your gang? This guide will help you plan the ultimate outdoor party for your group. And you can bet that it will be a party to remember.

1. Arrange for a party tent

A party tent allows you to keep your party private. You wouldn’t want your inquisitive neighbors to peep through your garden fence to see what’s going on. Moreover, the tent will keep your gang safe from extreme weather conditions. If you are partying in summer, you never know when the rains come in. Plus, you can play loud music inside the tent without worrying that it will disturb the neighbors. You can find fully-covered party tents for sale online and set up the party in an enclosed space.

2. Get lots of booze

A bachelor party without booze is like a morning without the sun. You must arrange for chilled beer, scotch, rum, tequila, and vodka. Let the gang drink whatever they want to. You can also hire a margarita machine. Make sure you mix the drinks in appropriate proportions. If you have lots of beer, don’t forget to get tons of ice too to keep the beer chilled for hours.

3. Get a loudspeaker

Forget about small Bluetooth speakers. Get a loudspeaker that connects to your laptop or computer to play some groovy music. Since everyone will be drinking to their extremes, try playing trance music as it creates a dizzy mood. With the tent around and beer bottles everywhere, you will get a feeling of attending a music festival in the mountains with trance music playing in the background.

4. Arrange for drinking games

Men usually don’t drink and dance unless they have a partner. Drinking games, on the other hand, can take your party to the next level. Try these three crazy drinking games at your party:

  • Kings cup – Get a deck of cards. Pick out a set. For example, the entire set of clubs or hearts. Assign each number with a hilarious activity. Shuffle the cards and put them face down. Everyone in the party needs to pick up a card and do the activity assigned for that number.
  • Straight face – It is challenging to keep a straight face after drinking alcohol. And that makes the game funny. Make small chits of paper and write hilarious lines on it. Don’t worry; everything you write need not make sense. The person picking up the chit should read the lines by keeping a straight face. If he can’t keep a straight face, he has to drink.
  • Bite the bag – This is one of the simplest games to start a party. Keep a bag on the ground and ask everyone to pick it up with their mouth one by one. No one can use their hands or any other body part. If you fail to pick up the bag, you must drink.


Now that you know some of the tips to throw an outdoor party for men, all you need to do is arrange the supplies and let the party begin.

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