5 Ways to Encourage Your Family to Be Active

Real talk: riding a scooter around the block for the 800th time doesn’t always pique a kid’s interest. And can you blame ‘em? You may be feeling a little bored with your go-to workout these days, too. When it comes to being active, there are endless ways families can have fun with fitness. These simple ideas will help your whole crew feel stronger, happier and healthier.

Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle is a one-of-a-kind interactive stationary bike made just for kids! Learn how Pelican helps kids stay active here. 

Make It a Group Outing

Sometimes weekends call for a change of scenery a.k.a adventures in the wilderness (even if that wilderness is just 20 minutes from your house). Look up local hiking trails you know your family has the stamina to complete with minimal crankiness. Kids and adults will get those steps in while enjoying beautiful foliage, hidden creeks, frog sightings and more. Pack a bag of healthy snacks, water, extra clothes and a first-aid kit in case of boo-boos on the go. Ask another family to join so you all have buddies to explore with.

Lead by Example

Make physical activity a normal part of life. Kids may notice that Dad always takes an early morning jog or that Mom has a heated challenge going on with her virtual cycling friends. By seamlessly incorporating fitness into your day, you can do the same for your child, too. How cool would it be to hop on your stationary bike, while your kiddo hops on theirs right next to you? Perfect for ages 3-7, the Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle is the only interactive stationary bike for kids. It offers 3 modes: free trainer-led adventure videos on YouTube, built-in audio-only journeys and play the music of your choice via Bluetooth™. While you’re riding with your favorite instructor, your sidekick will be on their own high-energy adventure, complete with cool visuals. 

Dance like No One Is Watching (but… Be Prepared for Your TikTok Star Attempts to Be Critiqued)

Instant mood booster = dancing. Get your heart pumping with a dance party in the living room and let your kids create the playlist. Sure, it may involve T-Swift on repeat (but that’s not exactly a bad thing, #amiright?). This is a great way for an impromptu energy burn at any time of day. Plus, the endorphins from dancing make everyone feel good. Freestyle or learn dances together on YouTube or TikTok and pretend you totally know the moves your little ones love. (As with most things in parenting, just fake it till you make it.) Pro tip: if your child wants to dance when you’re in between Zoom calls—do it for a much-needed workday break.

Give Exercise a “Rebrand”

Newsflash: exercise is fun. In fact, most of the time your kids won’t even know they’re getting a workout. It’s all about how you frame things. Asking your kid to take a walk will most likely be met with complaints or a hard pass. But if you get creative and call it an “animal sighting jubilee,” transform it into a challenge or motivate with a scavenger hunt... the experience will be a lot better for everyone. Your kids will be so busy keeping their eyes peeled for happenings in the ‘hood they won’t notice all the ground they’re covering with those little legs! Making obstacle courses, jump roping, playing frisbee, hula-hooping and backyard games are great boredom busters, too. You’ll feel like a kid again while crushing those calories.

Find an Activity That’s Just Right

Not everyone has the same idea of what makes physical fitness fun. Grownups and children should try out different types of exercise, organized sports or classes to see what sticks. Be open-minded and step out of your comfort zone, and encourage your kiddo to do the same. Whether it’s soccer or hip-hop, yoga or gymnastics, whatever gets your family moving and keeps a smile on your faces is a win-win.

Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle is a one-of-a-kind interactive stationary bike made just for kids! Learn how Pelican helps kids stay active here.