6 Creative Ways to Maintain Your Workout Routine As a Digital Nomad

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Youve probably heard the term digital nomad. What makes this popular lifestyle so unique is that digital nomads combine their online jobs with nomadic living. With just a laptop and internet connection (and a job that allows you to work from anywhere), the world becomes a digital nomads office.

While this lifestyle sounds very exciting, dont be fooled there are also plenty of challenges along the way. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges may be maintaining a regular fitness routine.

It may seem like you have all the time in the world when youre a digital nomad, but the challenge is to stay disciplined, not just in your work and productivity, but also in your lifestyle habits like healthy eating and staying fit.

While travel does typically challenge your regular routines, maintaining a workout routine doesnt have to be hard. With these creative (and fun!) tips, itll be much easier to stay on track and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Use These 6 Creative Ways to Stay Fit As a Digital Nomad:

1. Go Dancing!

Youre traveling and exploring the world, so its time to have some fun! Dancing is fun, its social, and its also a great workout. Regardless of where you are in the world, odds are you can find a good club or bar and dance your heart out. It doesnt matter how good you are at it, just that youre moving around and being as active and free as possible.

Dancing offers many benefits and you will burn a lot of calories and have a great time. Dancing engages all of your muscles and tones your body in all the right places.

Just make sure to drink a lot of water and if your goal is getting a great workout, try to avoid alcohol.

2. Always Be Prepared

As a digital nomad, its important to always be prepared because you never know when youll be able to fit a workout into your day.

It doesnt take a lot to be prepared. Odds are youll typically have a backpack or bag for your work items with you. Keep a workout outfit (and running shoes if applicable) in your bag so youre always ready.

Better yet, get accustomed to wearing activewear when you go to the coffee shop or park to work (which is also ideal for travel and commuting too).

Ideally you can carry a bottle of water and a towel or shower wipes with you, too. If your backpack is big enough, pack some spare clothes so you can change out of your sweaty workout clothes after.

This way, youll be fully ready to jump at the first fitness opportunity you encounter.

Other exercise essentials should also make their way in your luggage. Exercise bands take up virtually no space and create a great workout on the go. If yoga is your go-to exercise, there are travel yoga mats that take up much less space than a standard yoga mat.

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3. Use Your Travel Time

Being stuck at the airport doesnt always have to be a bad thing. Layovers may not be fun, but you can pass the time by moving your body. Some international airports have opened yoga rooms that travelers can use.

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Also, most airports are within close proximity to gyms or hotels that offer day rates to use their fitness facilities. If you have a long layover, you can find a gym to workout at between flights. A long flight can be taxing on your body and exercise is a great way to recover.

4. Book an Active Tour

One of the biggest perks of being a digital nomad is all the new places youll get to explore, and theres no shortage of tour options you can book. If you want to have the best of both worlds and see the world while maintaining your exercise routine, book an active excursion.

If youre in a mountainous area, look for hiking or walking tours that allow you to discover the region while breaking a sweat. If youre by the ocean, consider snorkeling or diving tours a great way to enjoy the beauty of the water and also use it to get a great workout.

Active tours dont typically cost a lot of money, and you can save if you book in advance or opt for a large group instead of a private tour.

5. HIIT It!

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is composed out of short stages of high-intensity workouts followed by short intervals of resting.

HIIT is perfect for digital nomads as the explosive exercises can be done anywhere and most of them dont require equipment. You can do this type of exercise in your hotel room or outside at a local park.

For example, a 20-minute HIIT workout session could look like this: 1 minute of exercising, followed by a 30-second break. Maintain this pattern until you reach the end of your session. Some of the exercises you can incorporate into the pattern are butt kicks, regular or jump squats, reverse, side or jumping lunges, or any plank-type exercise.

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Since HIIT workouts can get intense, its important to pace yourself. Start with shorter sessions and gradually build and your strength and endurance increases.

6. Use Technology

Youre already using technology to get ahead in life. Why shouldnt you use it to get ahead in your fitness routine, too? Contrary to popular belief, technology can be very useful when it comes to fitness.

There are many yoga and fitness offerings online, and the beauty of these websites and apps is that you can get your workout in anywhere.

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Having a Fitbit can be useful when youre traveling as youll be doing a lot of walking. It can motivate you to go further and give you one hell of a workout, simply by monitoring your exercise levels.

Use These Fun Tips to Maintain Your Workout Routine as a Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad requires discipline, planning and organizational skills, and a big sense of adventure. You can enjoy the best of both worlds exploring new places while making a living and maintaining your regular fitness regimen.

Your fitness routine may not involve going to the gym regularly, but with these tips, its guaranteed to be fun, diverse, and effective.

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