An anti-aging hand cream, yoga socks and a versatile summer dress

From CB: I got the blue light-blocking reading glasses we talked about last month. There are so many pairs I can keep them all around the house and in my car. They seem to work well and the style is really cute too. I also reordered the supergreens powder as it seems to be giving me energy when I put it in my smoothies. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A thick luxurious yoga mat for more comfortable floor exercises

I own this yoga mat and it’s wonderful. I got it in September, 2020 when we featured it on an Amazon post. It’s pricier than a typical exercise mat but it’s also larger, softer and more comfortable. I used to have problems with my butt bone pushing into the floor and hurting but this mat solves that. I use it for floor and pilates-type exercise, not yoga though. It can be slippery with some poses. This mat has almost 3,000 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B on Fakespot. It comes in four different colors and is larger than most mats at 24″ by 72″. Most reviewers like it as much as I do. “I use it on our wood floors and it’s perfect. It is indeed very thick, yet it isn’t too squishy like a too-soft bed; it is firm without being hard. I highly recommend it for those who have a surface like wood or stone, etc., on which to work out and stretch.” “One of my biggest downfalls to doing yoga was that I would have back pain and knee pain when doing poses that involved being on the floor. This is no longer a problem. I am so grateful to have this amazing mat!”

Yoga pants you’ll want to wear every day

These yoga pants by Stelle come in capri and full length, in sizes x-small to xx-large and in 26 different colors. These have almost 4,600 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women say they’re stretchy, flattering, comfortable and long lasting. Many reviewers say to order up a size though. “These are super comfy, breathable and cute! I am short with a little bit of a belly, and these really help my shape. They didn’t rub into my skin, and they helped my rear look lifted.” “I live these capris. They are not see through at all. Super comfy and fit perfect. I got a medium. I like they have tummy control waist band and it doesn’t feel like it’s sucking the life out of me.”

A foaming facial cleanser for clearer, softer skin

This foaming facial cleanser by trusted brand CeraVe is formulated for normal to oily skin and is fragrance free. It has over 42,800 ratings, 4.7 stars and an A on Fakespot. People say it doesn’t bother their sensitive skin and that it’s helped clear acne like no other face wash they’ve used. “My skin has cleared up so much just from this soap, it makes my face feel soft and doesn’t dry it out.” “CeraVe cleanser is pretty much the gold standard for sensitive skin. I’ve tried a ton of cleanseers, oil cleansers worked well, but were always heavily fragranced and clogged my pores. Traditional cleansers got the job done, but stripped my skin. I started using this, it is fragrance free, removes even my long wear foundation, and doesn’t clog my pores”

An anti-aging hand cream with retinol

From Hecate: I usually talk about anti-aging serums and eye-creams but in truth, my hands need the most work. Amazon has a retinol anti-aging hand cream. It promises to exfoliate, moisturize and reduce fine lines. It uses vitamins, minerals and green tea to help prevent wrinkles as well. Is this the miracle lotion to give me my hands back? I don’t know. The 3.5 ounce tube is $17 and at that price, I can afford to find out. It comes in a cucumber scent and a regular scent. This week Amazon is offering a 5% coupon. The cream got 4.5 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed, from over 4,200 reviews. Customers are really happy with the results, “This product absorbs quickly and I am SHOCKED at the transformation of dry crepe-y skin I had before to the smooth, youthful look I have now.” And they say it works just as well as pricier versions, “I have only been using it at night but the bottle says you can use it twice a day. I’ve tried many expensive hand creams before without any results so you can’t beat this price or these results!” But do read all the instructions first. This cream should be eased into.

Toeless yoga socks for casual and active wear

From Hecate: These toeless socks are 100% cotton and good for yoga, barre, pilates or dance. I think they’d make for good house socks in the summer, too. They come sized S/M (6-9) or L/XL (9.5+). These are gray, but if you go to the Tuckett’s store page, they have several colors to choose from, most for $16 a pair. Each pair has a good grip on the bottom to help with stability. They have over 400 ratings with 4.4 stars and an A on Fakespot. One customer had a skin condition on her foot that meant she had to wear socks, but her feet overheated her during hot weather, “Summers in Texas are too hot for socks and I was looking for socks I could wear with flip flops or sandals.” Others said these actually helped them get better at yoga, “They’ve helped me improve my daily practice by giving me excellent grip on my mat! The thickness of the socks is perfect, not too thin, not too thick.” Seriously, if they’re cute and can make me better at yoga? I need several pair.

Biodegradable compost bags for less mess while composting

From Hecate: We’ve been composting for a while. I’m not great at it but fortunately my husband took the lead so all I have to do is load our tabletop composter. We’ve learned that liners are a must to keep things clean. And trust me, those things can get manky. But adding a plastic bag to the mix can defeat the purpose of an environmental effort. So we use biodegradable bags. I’ve been really happy with them, they’re strong and keep odors inside the bag. This UNNI brand bag is 100% compostable, holds 2.6 gallons and contains absolutely no polyethylene. They’re sold in rolls of 100 for $19 but they’re on sale for $15 this week. You can save a little if you buy multiple packs. Just remember these break down so don’t buy more then you will use in nine months time. This one is an Amazon Choice, which has 4.6 stars from over 18,000 reviews and a B on Fakespot. Customers who bought them were impressed with how much they held up, “These Unnis, however, can take a week’s worth of coffee ground, chicken bones, fruit scraps, etc. and weep hardly at all. And they hold their integrity.” And they can be used for more than just compost, they make good dog poop/cat litter bags and break down, “Beyond the kitchen, we also use these for dog poo pickup, as compostable poo bags sold at pet stores are silly-small — certainly not scaled to provide hand-and-forearm coverage when collecting the mammoth poops of a Malamute-Great Pyrenees.” I got them for all our small trash cans and they are durable enough, but they are kind of small for most of my cans.

A flowy all-occasion summer dress

From Hecate: I love a good dress that can be styled up or down. This floral number is so romantic and would be nice for weddings, garden parties, weekend barbeques or whatever’s on your dance card this season. It’s a flattering cut and comes in a bunch of colors and patterns. It’s available in small to XXL (customers said to size up) from $30-$43. Over 15,000 people rated it with 4.2 stars and it got a B on Fakespot, which is good for clothing. One lady wore it as a maternity dress and plans to keep wearing it, “I wore it as a maternity dress for my baby shower and it looked beautiful… I’ll probably wear it even after the baby comes.” Many customers loved how it moved, which is what sold me in photos too, “This dress is so beautiful and comfortable. The dress billows, it flows nicely, it doesn’t bunch up, it doesn’t get stuck or ride or pinch or bind.” It also looks like it would be cool, both because of the material and the flowiness of the cut.

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