Choosing a gift for your modern woman can be challenging, but with a bit of thought, it is easier than you think. She may have recently mentioned a piece of jewelry a friend was wearing or shown frustration at the broken zip on her gym bag. A piece of jewelry in a similar style or a plush new gym bag would make great gifts if she cannot justify spending money on these herself. Other clues may be the second glance at a shop window display to an item you can go and buy for her later. Here are some ideas:
Most women enjoy wearing jewelry, with necklaces and earrings the most popular pieces, although a ring, bangle, bracelet or brooch may also be appreciated. However, be careful about buying a ring for your girlfriend or partner if you are unmarried unless it is an engagement ring.

Diamonds remain a girl’s best friend and remain a popular Christmas gift for her, even if the diamonds are laboratory-made. Synthetic diamonds are now so well made that it has become almost impossible to tell the difference with real diamonds, particularly if they are worn as earrings where people don’t get too close.
When it comes to fashion, focus on soft, luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere. If she has a favorite color, choose a sweater in that color so she can be warm on winter nights. If you are really unsure what to buy for her wardrobe but know that clothing is exactly what she wants for Christmas, arrange a date with her to go shopping together and surprise her with a healthy budget so that she can buy a high fashion item that she will treasure.

Once you have completed your shopping trip, stay in town and have an early supper to make the day even more special and about her.
Wellbeing experience
Perfume is a very popular gift at Christmas since many women do not feel they can justify buying this for themselves. Gifting perfume can be considered a personal gift, so it may be better to buy a scented candle instead of perfume for more distant relations or a co-worker.

It is wise not to gift makeup or anything that suggests she needs to correct the way she looks. Unless she asks for a subscription to a weight-loss program, steer well clear of such things. Instead, gift your partner a spa experience which she can enjoy on her own or with you.  You could have a couple’s massage together and relax together after in a sauna with a glass of Champagne.

If there is an activity that she wants to become involved in, whether yoga, dance or a team sport, pay for her enrolment and be her taxi driver or childminder so that she never has to miss a session.
Customized gifts
If you know your lady enjoys the stories by a certain author, contact the publishers to request a signed copy of the latest book to be published. Christmas is a time when there are many new books being released so you could be lucky.

Other ideas would be to commission an artist to draw a portrait of her, her pets or of a scene or landscape that is special to her, perhaps the spot where you got engaged or where you first kissed.

If you have a good picture of the person you are buying a holiday gift for, have this printed out and framed. On the frame put the date the picture was taken along with the event if it was a notable occasion. This is a precious gift, showing you care.
Experiential gifts
Experience gifts are increasingly popular, from racing cars to tandem skydives, the options for adventure are many. Surprise her with a weekend away to a place she has always wanted to visit, or where her favorite sports team is playing a crucial away match. An annual pass at her favorite art gallery, a month’s pass at a yoga studio or the two of you joining a dance class are other fun ideas that can make your Christmas gift last well beyond the day itself.

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