Beauty is the Beast


Date Published: July 15

Publisher: Acorn Publishing


It’s 1985. Lady Laura Lacy of Britewood is beautiful and graceful, a
celebrity in her own right. She is cousin to Her Majesty The Queen, and her
father is the well-respected Earl of Britewood, honorary commander of the
Army’s elite reserve special forces unit. Laura seemingly has it all.
She should be happy.
However, due to unspeakable acts committed against her as a child,
she’s developed a blood lust for revenge. Secretly trained by her
father’s regiment in the arts of war, Laura begins to target men who
prey on the innocent and helpless. As her skills sharpen, Laura becomes a
formidable force against evil.
That’s when she uncovers a transatlantic child trafficking ring led
by an elite group within British society. With the help of commanding
officer and police inspector Billy Smythe, her mysterious family attorney
Arthur Mosely, and an unorthodox group of American allies, Laura sets out on
a vengeance-fueled quest to stop them. She is determined to save as many
innocents as she can.

It’s a mission that will put her very life and sanity at stake,
making her question everything she’s ever believed in. But to make
things right, Beauty must become the Beast.

Chapter 1
Friday, November 22, 1985

Leeds Central Train Station


It was late in the afternoon, four-zero-eight to be exact. Leeds Central
Train Station was a hub of activity. Commuters rushed on and off carriages,
shoving others in the process. Loudspeakers chimed and calmly announced
arrival and departure times. The odour of fumes, the chugging of
engines—a cacophony of sounds and smells crowded the senses. The
excitement of the weekend filled the air.
She carefully stepped off the train onto the platform. She wasn’t
used to the cheap, shiny, black, knee-high boots she’d chosen for the
evening. She hurried with the crowd to the exit of the station, tugging on
her clothes as she walked. Nothing she wore was comfortable. Her black
fishnet stockings chafed the skin behind her knees, and her tight
black-leather miniskirt prevented her legs from walking with her regular
The sun was about to set, and as she stepped outside into the frigid air,
she realized that the white, torn T-shirt—covered by the blue
Levi’s denim jacket she was wearing—was a poor choice. Her only
saving grace from the cold was the heavy blonde wig that she’d
purchased, like everything else she was wearing, from everyone’s
favourite thrift shop, Oxfam. She pulled her jacket closed and held it
together with her right hand, as she slung the grotesque, pink worn handbag
over her left shoulder. She rolled her shoulders forwards and shivered,
pulled the large, circular sunglasses from her face, and stuffed them into
her bag. Hopefully no one would recognize her; after all, she was famous for
her thick, dark eyebrows and exquisite, sapphire eyes. She hoped that the
heavy purple eye shadow and exaggerated pink blush would do the trick.
She rushed to the nearest taxi and slammed the door as she slid into the
back seat. “Drop me at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance,
love,” she said, hoping her thick Yorkshire accent would be accepted
as legitimate.
“Not a chance, darling,” the driver replied, shaking his head
slowly as he looked back at her. She held out a crisp twenty-pound note. He
snatched it from her without a second thought. “It’s your
funeral, love!” he said.


 About the Author

Domnic “DJames” McGee was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire. A
sickly child, he was raised in a council estate to a single mother. At
school, he was a poor student and failed dismally.
He developed a passion for martial arts, so in his teens, he moved to
Ireland where he trained full-time while working in menial jobs to
A chance encounter then gave him the opportunity to work as an Executive
Protection Agent for some of the most influential figures in European
He came to the US in 2001 to further his studies of martial arts. He
decided to stay and earned his citizenship by serving in an Army infantry
unit and later with a reserve Military Police unit.
He currently lives in Huntington Beach, where he works as an Executive
Protection Agent and trains and writes as much as he can.


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