Christmas Throughout the House

The stockings were hung, the mantle adorned, the tree decorated and the village aglow; even the secretary was embellished with stockings, lights, and a crystal like nativity. Christmas arrived with sparkle and glitter

The focal point in our home at Christmas, is the tree and village. We turn on the lights as soon as we come downstairs each morning. And while I sometimes top our trees with a crocheted angel; the past two years Ive used the Pineapple Star Tree Top Ornament. Coffee sipped to a beautiful setting starts the day while we gaze upon the village now awakening to lights. This year, we did a video to better view the village as a whole. Its a bit unsteady I dont have any fancy gadgets for holding the cell steady while videotaping.

The lighted framed Christmas tree on the mantle was made by my late aunt, many years back. She collected costume jewelry and when she had enough, she created these beautiful framed trees. I love it on the mantle!

As I walked around the tree, youll notice the first section is what Ive dubbed the seedy side of town. The brewery, matinee, police station are on the lower levels. The upper level houses the lighthouse and windmill (minus the; ahem windmill). As I pan around the village opens to other fine establishments. This includes the ice cream parlor, lodge, tavern, train station, library, candle store, clock tower, restaurant, dance studio and grocery store. Oh and the pet store what village would be complete without a pet store! And sitting center stage on the upper level; the church!

The last section is our residential side of town with several houses; a town cant exist without citizens and I know which house Ill be living in! Oh yes I do!

Id be remiss if I neglected to point out Santas gazebo and bridge over the pool (mirror) of water. The town Christmas tree lights up the town square and we even have a little guy selling bait nearby. Oops; I need more little figurines of people dont I? LOL

Crochet really does play an important part in my decorating madness. On the mantle two of the most ornate stockings are hung with Christmas cards tucked in. One of these days though I really need to make me a Christmas rose snowflake garland (free pattern) the original was given as a gift to a dear friend!

In the living room I like to decorate both the hutch and the secretary. The secretary has four stockings hung from it this year including my newest design in writing a review for (available next week with two free patterns!). The Candy Cane Bag (free pattern) and elf shoe look adorable tucked into the recesses of the secretary, both sporting candy canes! The lighted wood scene sets center stage; something we picked up in Solvang on one of our vacations. The pineapple runner can be found here!

This is the pencil tree I found on Amazon; perfect for tiny places! I will be compensated should you purchase these lights.

Our new pencil tree is a bit bare since we have just started to collect ornaments while traveling namely just one, which I hung on the main tree. Its stark for now so to give it some interest I wove some Christmas ribbon through and hung star lights on it. But what steals the show, are the Christmas Pinwheel Lollipops that I stuck into the branches (a free pattern here on the blog). Now Im wondering; should I make a crochet candy tree or a travel tree?

The hutch also houses Christmas stockings hung from the open doors on each side. Old Christmas cards (which I love to use for decorating) grace the top of the hutch. Tucked into the open shelves are candles and hung from the center top is the Merry Christmas Banner; the pattern can be found here! And the Polar Bear; well he can be found here!

Finishing up in the living room well dining area and banister I hung a sweet crocheted angel on the lamp. Doesnt she look adorable? This was gifted to me years ago. I decided not to hang the gingerbread swag on the shade, but it would look so cute as shown below. I opted instead, to drape it over the decorator towels in the powder this year.

And hanging from the banister is Sleepy Santa Hanger; pattern can be found here!

The Christmas tree trio is now ensconced on my desk with faux snow, tea light candles and holly to create a semi-vignette. They look so pretty with tealight led candles; dont they? Oh my! This new trio can be found here!

I found these tealight LED candles so reasonably priced with 36 plus batteries on Amazon! I have them all over the house now! I will be compensated should you purchase these lights.

Upstairs is our fun Christmas tree in that I use all the leftover ornaments but I also use fridgies, hotpads, coasters, bells you name it! Items that are not really ornaments at all but arent they fun. And somehow, this tree has become predominately, green and red with plenty of stripes. The tree top and Misfit Elf fit this tree perfectly!

The Festive Striped Tree Skirt can be found here. And the Jolly Santa Hat Tree Topper can be found here

You can find Jingles the Misfit Elf pattern here

You can find the Peppermint Pinwheel Santa Ornament here (a free pattern!).

And you can find the Miniature Crinoline Angel pattern here!

Moving onto the bath, I chose this year to drape the Iced Gingerbread Swag over the towels in the powder. This pattern can be found here! Santa Hat Tank Top Cover graces the commode but no since taking pics of that but the pattern can be found here! I put a snowman Christmas card inside the lantern on the dresser and when (or if) I get a chance to pick up some faux greenery; I plan to deck the top. The crochet topper the lantern sits upon; its the Sweetheart Table Topper which I love on this antique dresser!

I think each Christmas is a process; I dont think Im ever truly finished decorating. And talk about OCD each time I check out the trees Ive got to straighten, change, or think I need another ornament in what I dub as a bare spot. I can literally drive myself nuts!

Oh! And hubby loves the pencil tree so much he suggested we buy another one, or even two. Were thinking the corner of the dining room for sure. So who knows I just may end up with both a candy and travel tree

Christmas-Video_final-1.mp4 (12MB)