Date Night China: 10 People You Meet at a Party in Beijing

Date Night China: 10 People You Meet at a Party in Beijing

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For those of you in the dating arena in China, going to parties and events can be a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, meet a new love interest or find a hot partner for a night of passion. 

In this modern age, we often hear people talk about their personality type. But sometimes hearing someone talk about being a classic ENTP can be a bit OTT and leave you wanting to say BRB. 

Psychology not your bag? Fine. Go for a star sign if that’s more aligned with your desires. 

Not into star signs? Go classic psychology and pick apart someone's need to fulfill their id against their superego’s wishes. 

Or throw away all that nonsense and just pay attention to what I have to say on the matter. Yes, Myers, Briggs and Freud can all take a hike because I’ve got all the personality types right here. 

Why? Well for one thing. because Date Night China’s Summer Nights Rooftop Formal is coming up, of course, and I need you to be prepared for all the lovely people you’re going to meet and give you some ideas on who you want to be for an evening. 

Read more about the formal at the bottom of this blog.

And now for the list. But remember, the best person you could always be… is yourself. Awww. 

10 People You Meet at a Party in Beijing

1. The KTV Star

We all know this person in China. In fact I’d wager that most of us may have been this person at least once in our life. They sing to every track that comes on and will encourage sing-a-longs. Eventually they’ll suggest an after party at KTV… but then, the DIVA comes out! All that group singing is left behind in amateur hour… now it’s time to shine and the spotlight can only hold one star. Be warned. This personality doesn’t share the mic! 

2. The “That Guy” or the “Hey You”

We all know this person. You’ve seen this person literally EVERYWHERE in Beijing. You’re both usually drunk, you have long conversations, maybe swap WeChats and then never message or see each other for a while until you randomly bump into them at our DNC party and you’re all like “Oh, hey you…” The girl equivalent of this is "hey girl!!!" to hide the fact that you forgot their name. This person is often chill and if you bothered to be a decent human being you’d remember their name and call them… you piece of shit. 

3. The Overly Drunk Person

Gets way too drunk, too quickly. These people can be the life of the party or an absolute nightmare. It’s me, I’m these people. 

4. Selfie Queen

Give them a pornstar martini and a phone and they are good to go. Photos at the bar, on the dance floor, on the toilet, stood next to their friend throwing up. Doesn’t matter the location, this person can make any experience a photoshoot. Actually at our party, you’ll find them at our designated photo booth so don’t forget to check it out. 

5. Shunyi-sider

People that live in Shunyi or anywhere else outside of the city center. We get it, you live far. Do not throw it into every damn conversation you have. Either stay at a friends, book a hotel or leave at an appropriate hour. Whatever the case.. plan accordingly.

6. The Shot Pot

OK - I took “Hot Pot” and changed it to “Shot Pot”. It’s late, I can’t think of something funny. Sue me. The Shot Pot, despite buying a ticket for our free-flow drinks deal, would not be happy without some fireballs around the table or some tequila slammers to really get the party started. This person will not let you stop, their is no surrender. You drink until you puke… and this person doesn’t puke. Be warned. Take a shot, then take a walk. 

7. The Mysterious Stranger

Now this persona is a bit of a rare breed. As you know, communities in Beijing can be quite small, and for such a big city you feel like you know everyone. But you don’t know this mysterious hottie, standing at the bar. Maybe their with friends, but oh, you don’t know them either. How has this secret snack alluded you for so long? Maybe you’re the one who is the stranger, which in that case it’s easy. Stand at the bar, smile and answer all your questions in a vague and mysterious way.

8. The Mom of the Friend Group

We all have that one friend in the squad who is the group "mom.". When you’re a drunken mess and need looking after, they come to the rescue. In my opinion I don’t think people should venture into a free-flow drinking arena without one. They either have a motherly or fatherly vibe. Is that you? If so.. hit me up. 

9. Wannabe DJ

Aghhh. This person is annoying. They hear the music, they get excited, then they remember that really good track from 10 years ago and then insist the DJ plays it and is certain everyone will love it. This is also me. 

10. The Social Lubricant 

This person is a real connector. They probably know three thirds of the party and are dying to know the rest. They are the movers and shakers of Beijing. If you recognize that this person is chatting it up with everyone, say hello, they’d love to meet you. Single or wanting to make new friends? Great! The Social Lubricant can introduce you to some lovely new people! 

So there’s my list - did I miss any? Write in the comments below and let me know.

In any case, see you at our Summer Nights Rooftop Formal! 

Will you be “The Mysterious Stranger” or the “KTV Star”? Most people actually end up being “The Overly Drunk Person,” so maybe that will be you!  

The summer has been a bit up and down with the weather, sand storms, torrential rain, cold spells but we’ve decided enough is enough and we need to bring in the summer season with a big ol’ party to get us all feeling those summer vibes. 

The Rooftop Summer Nights party will have:

  • 3 hours free-flow booze

  • Batacha Dancing class

  • DJ 4our of Clubs

  • Raffle prizes 

  • Date Night Dares to get you having some flirty fun

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