Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April, since 1970, to express our gratitude and affection for our wonderful planet

Our home, Earth, is the only planet we know till date that supports life. This deserves celebrations through meaningful Earth day activities.

Over the years of human evolution, however, there has been immense deterioration in environment. This day is to remind us of our duties towards our planet that we call home.

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Earth day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to raise awareness on environmental issues like deforestation and pollution. Since then, it has evolved to cover deeper issues like clean water, clean air, climate change and global warming.

Every year on April 22nd, people all over the world join hands and pledge to do their bit for their planet. Children have a unique role in protecting the Earth. After all, it is from them that we have borrowed this planet. 

Hence, it is essential to inculcate a sense of ownership and responsibility towards Earth in our children, while also educating them with a scientific, hands-on approach. Only then, we can secure the future of our children and this planet.

Get your children evolved in simple, easy to do Earth Day Activities to bring awareness and inculcate responsibility towards the planet. 
Earth Day Activities For Kids 1. Start a Garden
One of the best Earth Day activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners is to start their very own garden. It could be anything from a small garden patch to an indoor garden, depending upon the space you have.

Besides doing good for the planet, having your own garden will help your children develop love for nature, learn about plants & food and boost their motor skills in unimaginable ways. 


Surely you’d think that it is a lot of work, but with careful planning and the right guide, starting a garden is easier than you think. Here is an easy, practical gardening guide to help you get started.  
2. Seed Bombs
Seed bombs are a perfect Earth Day craft for preschoolers to spread flowers in your neighbourhood and your lawn. Take a couple of seed bombs with you next time you go on a hike to leave your mark behind.

An excellent way to disperse seeds, seed bombs are easy to make and lots of fun. Your kids will love making them and dispersing them around. They also make for great, nature friendly gifts.
3. Bird Feeder 
Recycle an empty toilet paper roll to make a DIY bird feeder and hang it in your balcony or garden to attract birds. Making a bird feeder is a rewarding activity and can literally invite nature into your home.

This meaningful Earth day craft will get your little ornithologists excited and offer them plenty of opportunity to observe birds (and squirrels!), from the comfort of your home. 

What you will need:
Empty toilet paper roll Dough (atta)/ Peanut Butter Mixed Grains – Mix Millet, Wheat, Barley Twine
Step 1: Make two holes, opposite to each other, at one end of the empty toilet roll.

Step 2: String twine through the holes and keep aside. This will be used to hang the bird feeder once ready.

Step 3: Roll out the dough, using a rolling pin. 

Step 4: Lightly wet the tube/paper roll with water.

Step 5: Stick your dough onto the roll and take off any excess dough. 

Step 6: Lastly, roll it in the grain mix. After enough grains are on the feeder, choose a branch and hang it.
4. DIY T-shirt Bag
Plastic is a major problem and one of the top concerns for the environment.Tonnes of single use plastic end up in landfills every year. Nearly 500 million plastic bags are used every year and most of them are used only once before they end up in a landfill or our oceans.

This Earth Day, take a pledge and bid adieu to plastic bags by making your recycled t-shirt bag. Immensely easy, these no -sew DIY t-shirt bags are convenient, environment friendly and functional.

5. Bug Hotel 
Show some love to critters this Earth Day by making a dwelling place for them. Bug hotels invite a host of creepy crawlies and are brilliant ways to boost biodiversity of your neighbourhood. 

This Earth Day activity will help your children appreciate and learn about food web and ecological balance. 
6. DIY Compost
Deliver a hands-on STEM lesson to your kids by making compost from kitchen waste. It is a great way to teach kids the science of decomposition. Of course, this organic compost can then be used in your garden to nourish your plants.
7. Potted Dry Garden
A wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day is to start a mini potted dry garden. All you need for this Earth Day activity is a few small pots (recycled containers work just fine) and succulents. 

Succulents and cacti are relatively easy to maintain and require little water. They thrive well indoors, provided you put them out in the sun for a few hours every day. Thus, making them perfect for their young owners.  
8. Start a Seed Jar
Teach your kids how seeds grow with this simple plant science activity for kids. It is a hands-on experiment to show kids up-close the germination process.

What you will need:
Dry Beans Cotton/ Paper Towels Glass Jar Water
How to do it:

Step 1: Gently wet the paper towels/cotton to make them just wet enough. You don’t want them over-flowing with water.

Step 2: Add the wet cotton/paper towels in the glass jar to create a layer or two.

Step 3: Insert bean seeds along the sides of the jar, sandwiching them between cotton and the glass wall.

Step 4: Keep the jar near a window but away from the direct sunlight.

Within a day or two, your kids will be able to see the seed sprouting. Make sure to keep watering the cotton wool to maintain the moisture and soon enough you will be able to see roots growing and early leaves emerging.
9. DIY Bird House
If you are looking for interesting, creative Earth Day crafts for your kid, this DIY birdhouse craft totally fits the bill. This craft relies on recycled materials to make a lovely birdhouse to hang in your garden.

Your kids would love to explore their creative sides while painting this recycled craft and have fun observing birds coming into the birdhouse.
10. Earth Day Garland
We absolutely adore this Earth day craft for kids. It is a super cute and wonderful way to teach kids about world peace and harmony.

Perfect for little hands, this garland is a visual treat and a pretty addition to your Earth Day celebrations.
11. CD Earth Day Craft
Repurpose old CDs lying around the house to make this stunning Earth Day craft with your kids. This Earth Day CD craft makes for a lovely gift for friends and family, serving as a gentle reminder to take care of our planet. 
12. Earth Day Slime
Incorporate sensory play for kids into your Earth Day celebrations with Earth Day slime. Children love playing with slime and this earth day inspired slime offers a perfect opportunity to discuss how to care for our planet.
13. DIY Clay Leaf Bowls
These clay leaf bowls serve as great gifts and Earth day keepsakes. Using air-dry clay saves the trouble of baking these leaf bowls in a kiln. A great Earth day project for kindergarteners, these leaf bowls are a must try.
14. Leaf Collage
This is a breathtakingly beautiful craft that your children will have fun making. All you need is some crayons, wax paper, fallen leaves and a generous dose of creativity. 
15. Tin Can Drums
Bring on some music to your Earth day celebrations by recycling old tin cans lying around the house into drums. We bet your little drummer is going to love them. Besides, these drums are great way to delve into the science of sound for kids.
16. Earth Day Paper Plate Weaving 
This is fun geography Earth Day craft for kids. This craft works at enhancing hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills and is perfect for kids who are looking for a moderately challenging craft. 
17. Bake Earth Day Cookies
Baking is a wonderful activity for kids and offers a range of benefits! So give baking a try and bake these delicious earth day cookies with your kids. We bet your kids will be more than eager to try their hands at baking. Just the perfect treat for Earth day!
18. DIY Notepads
Reuse and repurpose bills, mailers and most importantly from blank pages of your child’s old notebooks to make a notepad. This useful Earth Day craft will help you minimize paper wastage at your home and teach your children a real lesson on recycling.  
19. Coconut Planters
This planting season ditch buying a new pot and recycle a coconut shell to plant seeds. It’s really easy-peasy. All you need is to buy a tender coconut, relish the refreshing water (pour it in a glass rather than using a plastic straw) and then scrape the mouth so its big enough to fit in your kid’s fingers.

Once you have done that, pour in some soil and plant that seed right in.

20. Repurpose Broken Crayons
Instead of buying those double shade fancy pencils, recycle old broken crayons. What is even more exciting is that your kids get to customize the shape and color combinations.

All you need to do is take the cover off the old crayons, add the desired color combinations in silicon mold and put them in the oven for 10-15mins at 200 degree Fahrenheit. Allow them to cool and pop them out. 

Earth Day Books for Kids
Books have the power to inspire and change. Children are far more likely to remember what they have read rather than what they have been lectured on. Indulge in thought provoking Earth Day books for kids and inspire your children to be the change makers.

Our specially curated Earth Day book list covers everything from the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle to Conservation. These felicitous books are brilliant reads not only for Earth Day but also for raising conscious, responsible citizens of tomorrow.
Earth Day Videos for Kids 1. Learn Recycling with Peppa Pig 
Join your child’s beloved cartoon character, Peppa Pig, on a recycling adventure. Funny and sweet, this Earth Day video for kids will teach your kids to recycle the easy way.
2. Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day
Join Betsy – a five-year old kindergartener, and her class as they gear up to celebrate Earth Day. This video will help your kids, as young as 5, understand why we celebrate Earth Day, trace its origin and what we can do to keep our Earth clean. 
3. Earth Day for Kids
This Earth Day video for kids packs fun facts for kids and shares ideas on how to save our lovely planet. 
4. Happy Earth Day 
Join Jessi and Squeaks from SciShow Kids as they talk about Earth day in this video. High on information and fun quotient, this video will add to your child’s knowledge on conserving the planet. 
5. Going  Green!
Let your kids groove and dance on this Earth Day song for kids that talks about going green and the 3Rs. This song packs clues on how to reduce, reuse and recycle. Catchy lyrics and tune make it a hit with kids (and adults!).

6. Water Pollution
Teach your kids about the problem of water pollution with this educational Earth Day video for kids. The video talks about the sources of water pollution and how it affects life. 
7. Save The Planet
We absolutely love this song and we bet your kids will love it too! Before you know it, your kids will be humming this happy tune and learning how to save our planet. 

8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Song for Kids
Your kids can learn all about waste segregation and reduce, reuse & recycle with this song. Suited for younger children, this song is played out slowly to help kids catch on the lyrics. 

9. Recycle
This Earth Day video for kids follows the journey of a plastic water bottle to a recycling plant. This video includes a song along with an equally interesting narration. 

10. Earth Day Dance!
Move a leg this earth day with this earth day dance video. Easy to follow dance steps and clear instructions make this video a hit. 
11. Earth Day & Plastic Pollution
This is a great educational Earth Day video for kids that talks about the massive problem of plastic waste. Loaded with interesting facts, this video is an eye opener and will force your kids to think about single use plastic.


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