Even if you don’t consider yourself a member of the BTS “army”, as their fans affectionately call themselves, there’s no denying that this K-Pop boy band has its pulse on the world of men’s fashion

One member in particular stands out as a trailblazer. That member, of course, is Jimin.

Jimin (whose full name is Park Ji-Min) is known for his impressive dance moves as well as his vocal stylings, both as a BTS member and a solo artist.

However, over the years, fans have also noticed a pattern off-stage for the singer—the ability to dress in a way that is timelessly cool and undeniably chic. Here is a selection of the trendiest outfits that have been worn by Jimin over the years.
1. School uniform turned trendy

This outfit offers a business-casual style with a nostalgic twist, taking its thematic cue from the school uniforms of our past.
The understated white dress shirt and ordinary navy slacks both act as the perfect backdrop for the busy pattern of the sweater vest.

Perhaps Jimin was thinking back to his days at the prestigious Korean Arts High School in Seoul, where he graduated from in 2014.
2. Comfortable but composed

Leave it to a global superstar to pull off a comfortable look without looking sloppy. Although this photo gives the impression that Jimin is in transit — passport in hand, he even looks like he might be on his way to catch a flight — he still somehow manages to look more put-together than most of us can pull off even after a full night’s sleep.

The gray zip-up adds an element of coziness, but it’s the subtle details of his outfit that really pull it together, from the whimsical music note near his neckline, the black beanie and the small silver earring.
3. Stylish incognito

When you’re famous all over the world, it isn’t always easy to walk by undetected. In this outfit, Jimin has found a way to try to blend in with the crowd all while being effortlessly styled.

Even if it did come about more for functionality than for design, we’re a huge fan of this classic black leather jacket paired with dark-wash trousers and shiny combat boots.
4. Vintage trench coat

We’re back at the airport again, but this time Jimin is sporting a mod grey trench coat over a white and back hoodie. Once more, we love the mixture of modern and classic styles.

The black beanie truly brings it all together, and really complements the blonde hair dye that he was rocking at the time.
5. Dreamy medieval

The peasant top doesn’t have to be reserved for actors in a Shakespearean drama. With this outfit, Jimin shows us that it is possible to take an old style and make it trendy with the help of some ultra-modern pants.
We love that these black pants come with a double chain and a slight shimmer. This look proves that it is possible to be both romantic and masculin.
6. Hipster simplicity

If you look on the city streets of some of the world’s most fashionable cities, from LA to Berlin to Montreal, you will see many young men wearing some variation of the fleecy jean jacket.

Not only does this type of outerwear offer warmth without the bulkiness, it’s also become quite trendy in recent years.
We love how Jimin is taking an ordinary jacket and pairing it with his all black ensemble, complete with a black belt, black sunglasses, and of course, the black beanie.
7. Classic dress shirt

In this black-and-white look, Jimin is looking mature and self-assured. The cut of this white dress shirt has just the right depth, and the billowy sleeves give it character.

We love how Jimin is using the same apothecary bag that he was using in an earlier photo — even for the most famous among us, a sturdy and interchangeable piece is a sturdy and interchangeable piece.
8. 21st century lumberjack

It’s not every day that we see Jimin rocking a splash of color, and we are so impressed with his decision to wear some flashy plaid here. Yellow is not an easy color for anyone to pull off, but Jimin looks great in this bold plaid pattern that is paired with the rest of his outfit which is — you guessed it — all black.
9. Cold weather chic

Dressing for cold weather can be a particular kind of challenge. Although layering styles can open up a whole collection of style possibilities, wearing too much fabric can be bulky and unflattering.

Jimin stays both warm and fashionable with this puffy blue-green jacket. He’s pairing it with his signature black skinny jeans and slender boots.
10. Red cardigan

Jimin once again adds a splash of color to his outfit with this bright red comfy cardigan. This flowy style is very in right now, and its volume contrasts well with his skin-tight jeans and shiny leather shoes.
11. Varsity sweater

In this outfit, Jimin is wearing what appears to be a sweater version of a varsity-type jacket. Although it may have been plain if it was just black and white, the colorful cuff stripes add a splash of color.
12. Summer breezy

It’s rare to see Jimin wearing shorts! Tan bermuda shorts aren’t just for a day at the boat — they can also be a great casual option for a regular summer day.

Although the idea of wearing shorts of this style may make many men uncomfortable (they’re so, well, short), it’s actually a very flattering cut for all different kinds of body types.

A long shirt makes the shorts even more flattering, and we love how Jimin ties it all together with a pair of white Converse.
13. Daring overalls

For our last outfit, we show Jimin pulling off what might be considered a risky fashion move.
Overalls were huge in the 90s, and while they are being adopted by many in women’s fashion, many men are still hesitant to add them to their wardrobe.

In this styling, Jimin demonstrates how men’s overalls can be trendy, especially if you roll up the ankles ever so slightly, and pair them with some simple sneakers.

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