Ever thought about using your backyard, your driveway, and your garage for stay at home date ideas for couples? Let’s get creative – I’ll show you how

On the back patio, in a tent in the backyard, parked in the driveway…

I’m not describing places to get it on with your husband (haha!). But rather…places in your backyard where you can try out these stay at home date ideas for couples!

That’s right – who said your at home date nights have to be inside your home?

Let’s use your whole property and area surrounding your home to keep things fresh.

Trust me on this one, as I’ve tried out many of these outdoor date ideas below with my own husband.
Stay At Home Date Nights: Parking in the Driveway
How many years has it been since the two of you “parked”? And have you ever “parked” in your own driveway?

Here’s how to properly park for your next stay at home date night, in your own driveway. 
1. Movie-in-the-Car Date Night
I never, ever, ever would’ve thought I’d catch me and my husband hanging out in his car to a movie on his laptop…and calling it a date night.

But then? We had our baby. And it just so happened that our infant’s bedroom was directly above our driveway. Meaning, we could just leave the window open (we made sure there was a screen) and have a date night right in our own driveway.

Get your free car movie date printables, here! Also, pick up some of those movie-box-sized candies (my favorites are Junior Mints, and the Cookie Dough Bites).
2. Truck Bed Star-Gazing Night
Deck your truck bed out with blankets and pillows – make it as much of a “bed” as you can – and watch the sunset together.

Then, star gaze in each other’s arms.
3. Take an Online Dance Class…in Your Driveway
You’ve got a driveway…or is it a makeshift dance floor?

Take sidewalk chalk and draw a large square where the dance floor will be.

Charge up your laptop or smartphone ahead of time, pick out one of these couple’s dance classes, and surprise your partner with some dancing in your own driveway.  

Free Online Couple’s Dance Classes:
Free First-Dance Wedding Tutorial Free Jazz Dance Tutorials Salsa Dancing for Beginners Stay At Home Date Nights: In the Backyard
Your backyard offers a ton of stay at home date ideas for couples…if you know how to use it (and where to look!).

These are outdoor date ideas that you don’t have to leave your property to enjoy.
4. Adult Easter Egg Hunt
Set up an adult Easter egg hunt for your partner…out in your backyard!

Fun adult fillers for Easter eggs include:
Mini-bar sized alcohol sample Notes of encouragement or reasons why you love them Favorite chocolate candies Fun pair of socks Adult ideas for some “adult” fun (free printables here) Fortune-teller papers you saved from previous fortune cookies Use your imagination… 5. Tai Chi in Nature
Charge up your laptop or smartphone, and pick an easy Tai Chi sequence that the two of you can do, mirroring one another.
6. Couple’s Hammock Time
You can find 2-person hammocks with stands, or without them.

Cuddle in a hammock under the stars, or really, anytime of the day. Blankets and pillows? Yes, please!
7. Backyard Putt-Putt
Do you guys already own golf clubs and golf balls? Then set up a game of backyard putt-putt with these free printable flags, and surprise your spouse!
8. Midnight Swim
Got a pool? Go for a midnight swim (or skinny dip – just sayin’).

Here are some floating pool candles to add to the ambiance.
9. Hot Tub + Christmas Lights
Decorate your hot tub area with some Christmas lights, and have your partner meet you out back.
10. Couple’s Camp Out Date Night
The Dating Divas have come up with a whole date night around camping out in your backyard with your honey.

Get your free camp-out printables here!
11. Birdwatching Brunch
Maybe the morning time just works better for the two of you to get a “date night” in at home. That’s fine!

What you’ll want to do is set up a brunch table outside, and locate that table near-ish to any birdfeeders you have. Whether that be hummingbird feeders, or regular ones.

Then, invite your partner out for brunch to the backyard, and hopefully, gaze at the occasional bird that comes to graze on your food.

This is the birding book I have (you could also check it out from the library), which could add to your brunch (in case you need to look up what birds normally come in your backyard).
12. Dessert by Tiki Light
We took a 5-year anniversary + babymoon trip to Cozumel, and one thing that I wanted to bring back from it was us eating outside more often.

I mean, we at every single meal outside for a week! And it felt magical.

SO, when we got back from home, I planned us an outside-dining-experience date night. I bought this folding table, and used these tiki torches, and we had an evening meal just to ourselves.

If you’re doing date night in your backyard and you’ve got kids (we didn’t have our little guy yet!), then adapt this idea by putting the kids to bed, and hosting dessert by tiki light late in the evening. 

Hint: It didn’t bother me to spend so much on these items for ONE date night because I knew those tiki torches and the table would be used for lots of events to come – such as two crawfish-eating events we hosted with our family!

Fun Grilled Desserts:
Chocolate Marshmallow Bananas Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream Sundaes Campfire Cones Stay At Home Date Nights: In the Garage
When you’re thinking about at home date nights that are exciting and fresh, don’t pass over your garage.

It’s space in your home that can create a brand-new vibe for the two of you (and certainly, a new memory!).
13. Garage Club Date Night
I was walking around our neighborhood the other night, and noticed that someone had turned their garage into a club! Seriously – for only their family.

Then I got to thinking – how cool would it be for your spouse to be blindfolded and led out into the garage, which you had prepared with:
Club Lighting: Black lights (here's some cheap black light bulbs) or strobe lighting or Christmas lights. Music: Use a boom box (ha! I still have mine from when I was a teen, and it’s going strong), or set up a playlist ahead of time with your phone and connect it to a speaker. Here’s the awesome Bluetooth speaker we use in our home (I gifted this to my husband, and he uses it every. single. day). Homemade Drinks: There are tons of mocktails and cocktails you can choose from, and make ahead of time (or make in front of their very eyes using that cocktail shaker you got as a wedding gift a decade ago…that might just be me). Some that sound amazing to me include this hibiscus tea sparkler mocktail and this Pumpkin Apple Shandy cocktail.
Don’t even think twice about breaking out any bean bag chairs or deck chairs you’ve got!
14. Badminton Tournament
I don’t know about you, but I love me some badminton. Not only that, but I love a little competition with my man.

If you’ve got a badminton set, then set it up and surprise your date with a few rounds.
Stay At Home Date Nights: Around the Fire Pit
If you’ve got a fire pit, or a way to make a fire pit, then you’ve got a romantic setting for your next stay-at-home date night.

Psst: here’s some tips on how to build a backyard fire.  
15. Color Fire Show + S’mores
Did you know that you can “color” your fire? Get a fire going, and do s’mores together.

While you’re merrily eating those gooey s’mores, throw one of these magic fire packets in and sit back to enjoy the color show.

They last surprisingly long (I was surprised, anyway, with how long the color lasted!).
16. Cook Dinner on Sticks + Read Ghost Stories
Cooking your own dinner on sticks you find ahead of time (or together) is just plain fun. It’s also really engaging!

On top of that, you can bring out the scary ghost stories and take turns reading them to each other. You might find local ghost stories to read about, OR, you can turn to my favorite childhood ghost stories.

I hope you see that stay at home date ideas for couples need not be the same-ole', same-ole'. You can really surprise your partner with just a bit of effort!

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