Homecoming Weekend - Go Yotes!

All projects and any other things came to a grinding halt last Saturday so the youngest and I could join my oldest at her college for family day.  We were up bright and early to make the drive over as she really wanted us to have breakfast with her in her dining hall.  Before we left I packed her up a bag of grocery items, a care package of sorts and then we hopped in the car and off we went.  It is only a thirty minute drive so not long at all and with very little traffic on the road at that time of day we were there in plenty of time to find a parking spot, walk to her dorm and then walk to the dining hall for breakfast.
We couldn't have asked for better weather
Breakfast was very nice.  For one thing the manager of the dining hall insisted we come in and eat "on the house".  That was definitely a happy surprise.  I had a wonderful spinach and sausage omelet and some fresh berries.  The kids had Belgian waffles and more sugar than I care to even think about, but it was a special occasion so I kept my cringing to myself.
Giant Jenga game
Even coyotes play cornhole
After breakfast we walked over to the big parking lot for the massive tailgate party and had a ball playing cornhole, a big jenga game made out of 2" X 4s"s, meeting the football players and a ton of other people.  Everyone was so nice and happy to welcome us to their tailgate and to join in on the fun.  They really go all out for it too.

Then we walked over to the stadium for the game and it was a ton of fun!  Plus, we won!  So far the Coyotes are undefeated this season.  We all had our game shirts on and a few of my daughter's new friends tagged along as their families weren't able to join them.  I became the designated Mom the rest of the day, which was fine by me.
This is the official campus dog
They have a very nice stadium
After the game we walked back over to my daughter's dorm so we could use the bathroom and fill up our water bottles.  Her dorm has a really nice water bottle filling station so we took advantage of that several times that day.  Then over to the student center for ping pong, air hockey and snacks.
My daughter's and some of the "new friends" my oldest has made
She has made some great friends, super nice & polite, very enjoyable to spend time with
The game was exciting - We won 41 to 39
The marching band performs at half time
A couple of my daughter's friends are in the band
The after party was held downtown at the plaza where they had a concert going, food and drink vendors and dancing.  I loved the venue and the concert was absolutely fantastic.
Coyotes dance too!
This was a local band that does all 80s music and it was so much fun to see the kids enjoying it and all of them up and dancing.  Even us oldsters.  They even managed to get the local police department out on the dance floor too.
Some of Idaho's finest hit the dance floor
This was so much fun!
The college had a shuttle bus running people back and forth from the campus to downtown.  I had a car so the kids piled in after the concert and I took them back to the dorm.  Needless to say, by the time my daughter and I dropped everyone off and headed for home we were exhausted.  But we had a ton of fun that day and I'm so happy we were able to go and spend this time with our college student.  I love this college and I am so thankful that she is going to school there.  Wow!  What a blessing. #Family #Life
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