How to Style Biker Shorts

How to Style Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are every girl's secret weapon because they fit like a charm, give you dangerous curves, and are so versatile. Whether you're headed to the gym or a night on the town, you can create a ton of cute outfits. If you'd like to know how, read on and check out our ultra-fun wardrobe tricks to style your biker shorts.

This article is based on an interview with our wardrobe stylist, Ashley Kahn.


[Edit]With a plain oversized tee and sneakers

  1. Throw these on to stay cute while you run errands. When you’re on the go, slip an oversized tee over biker shorts and show you’ve got effortless cool. Add some flair and choose biker shorts in an eye-catching color, like cherry red, or a fun pattern, like leopard print. Finish your look with low-key sneakers.[1]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 1.jpg
    • Any casual shoes complement this biker shorts outfit, from chunky sneakers to Vans.
    • To add to the cute factor, wear a scrunchie and style your hair in a quick updo.
    • For errands like grocery shopping, sling on a practical bag, like a tote bag or a backpack.
    • When grabbing coffee, bring a side pack purse to hold your money and cards.

[Edit]With a graphic tee and statement jewelry

  1. Rep your personality with a tee that has a fun graphic or motto. If you’ve collected a ton of graphic tees, then this is the perfect choice for you. Wear a band shirt to give your favorite artists a shout-out one day of the week, then show off a sassy slogan⁠—like “give me some space”⁠—the next. Since this look is pretty bold, pair black biker shorts with at least one statement accessory, like hoop earrings.[2]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 2.jpg
    • If your graphic tee is punky or gothic, go for edgier makeup and combat boots.
    • If you have a surfer tee, try earthy makeup, beachy waves, and sandals.
    • If you have a pastel tee, put on chunky sneakers, candy jewelry, and lip gloss.

[Edit]With a crop tank and a neon purse

  1. Pair this fun, simple top with a bright purse that pops. Give off a chic and urban vibe with an understated crop tank. Choose a solid color like black, white, or red. Keep it monochrome with matching biker shorts or color block with biker shorts in a different solid color. For just the right amount of whimsy, add a statement accessory, like a neon satchel.[3]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 3.jpg
    • If you wear jewelry, black sneakers will give your outfit a sophisticated touch.
    • For a sportier look, swap accessories for a manicure matching your sneakers.
    • Bring along a cool water bottle, like one with a trendy pattern or a fruit infuser.
    • When it's hot out, put on any fashion sunglasses and you'll look totally metro.

[Edit]With a neutral sweater and ankle boots

  1. A comfy top in a soft shade balances out black biker shorts. Look sharp and cozy at the same time with a high-quality sweater in a neutral tone like mocha brown, sandy yellow, or beige white. To complete the look and give it even more polish, put on black ankle boots or fashion sneakers with soft tones like rose gold or bronze.[4]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 4.jpg

[Edit]With a vintage sweatshirt, sneakers, and crew socks

  1. Give off fun throwback vibes with this adorable outfit. If you’re wondering what to wear with your biker shorts, dig up or thrift a cute vintage sweatshirt that was popular decades ago. Freshen it up and give it new life with two-toned sneakers and chunky crew socks. Throw your hair in a bun or a ponytail to look effortlessly graceful and outdoorsy.[5]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 5.jpg
    • Play off the trend Princess Diana set in the 90s with a retro “Fly Atlantic” sweatshirt.
    • Wear biker shorts in a bold color so your vintage sweatshirt really pops.
    • Go for a vintage sweatshirt that reps what you’re really nostalgic about. Then, hop on Instagram and tell everyone about your throwback biker shorts outfit.

[Edit]With a white tube top and wedge sandals

  1. This beachy outfit is fresh, feminine, and ethereal. Slip on a white tube top to add some gorgeous airiness to a pair of biker shorts. Since a white tube top is so simple and sweet, dress it up with at least one statement accessory. A dark shoulder bag or shades will add a special allure. Complete the feminine ensemble with wedge sandals.[6]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 6.jpg
    • For a romantic feel, layer dainty necklaces on top of each other.
    • When styling biker shorts and a tube top, put your hair in a high ponytail.
    • To get ready for a stroll in the city, pop on sneakers.
    • If you’re in the mood for a beachy vibe, slip on some strappy sandals.
    • Put together a chic all-white ensemble with white biker shorts.
    • An all-grey biker shorts outfit is really modern and urban.
    • Wear a neon manicure for a trendy, edgy look.
    • Stick to nails in soft, neutral tones for understated elegance.

[Edit]With a matching sports bra and athletic shoes

  1. Put together a gym-ready set and look chic while you work up a sweat. Find a sports bra and biker shorts that match, then pair them with athletic shoes. Wear your hair down or in a sporty updo and stick to natural makeup—ditch cosmetics altogether for a fully fresh and natural vibe. Instead, go for a water bottle and other sporty accessories.[7]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 7.jpg
    • Look trendy while you work out with some waterproof jewelry.
    • Wear white socks for a clean and fresh look.
    • Slip on black socks for some fun color blocking.
    • Choose socks with a fun print or pattern for a cute and quirky vibe.
    • To make a bunch of sporty and cute biker short outfits, wear color-coordinated smartwatches and sweatbands.

[Edit]With a muscle tee and sneakers

  1. A breezy muscle tee and fresh kicks give you cool confidence. All you need is a muscle tee that’s color-coordinated with your biker shorts. For example, you can go for some vibrant flair with a blue muscle tee and red biker shorts. For a totally chill look, go for classic black biker shorts and pair it with any muscle tee that’s grunge chic. Finally, slip into your favorite sneakers. [8]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 8.jpg
    • Other comfy shoes like combat boots, sneakers, or Converse Chuck Taylors also work.
    • Dainty jewelry and a neutral manicure add a soft femininity to a muscle tee.
    • Wear a neon, black-and-white, or neon manicure to give off a punky edge.

[Edit]With a tank top, fishnet shrug, and colorful tennis shoes

  1. Be a trend-setter or the next fitness influencer in this unique look. Wear all black and throw on a white fishnet shrug for a futuristic vibe fit for a sci-fi queen. Or, go for more of a “raver girl” look with a neon color scheme—for example, wear blue biker shorts, a yellow tank top, and a green fishnet shrug. Complete the look with your favorite colorful tennis shoes.[9]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 9.jpg
    • Throw on fun geometric sunglasses for an outdoor workout.
    • If you want to skip the jewelry, try a bright manicure.
    • Go for a fun retro vibe and throw on some leg warmers.

[Edit]With a cropped top, cat-eye sunglasses, and fashion sneakers

  1. Cat-eye sunglasses give all these pieces a retro flair. Channel Parisian elegance with a simple crop top that’s black, white, or striped. Pair with black biker shorts for a metro style, then add key finishing touches—slip on cat-eye sunglasses, a chic belt bag, and fashion sneakers. You’ll bring some old Hollywood glamour no matter where you go.[10]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 10.jpg
    • Try bright red lips to really look like a movie starlet who’s out and about.
    • For more vintage vibes, tie a chiffon scarf around your neck.
    • To dazzle everyone, show off cat eyeliner when you take off your sunglasses.

[Edit]With a cropped button-down sweater and black wedges

  1. These sweet pieces add a touch of daintiness to biker shorts. Choose a button-down sweater in a soft pastel tone like baby blue, lilac, or pale green. Button up the sweater and wear it just as is, or slip it over a simple white crop top. Slide into knee length biker shorts to capture the look of capri pants. Finish the look with a simple purse and black wedge sandals.[11]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 11.jpg
    • Keep the outfit airy and fresh with delicate gold or silver jewelry.
    • Leave your hair down for effortless elegance.
    • Stay casual with fresh sneakers.
    • Add a bit of preppy sophistication with heeled Mary Janes.

[Edit]With a turtleneck sweater and knee-high boots

  1. Elevate a pair of biker shorts with these chic closet staples. When you want to look city-chic instead of gym-ready, just pop on a turtleneck sweater. For black biker shorts, go for a black or white turtleneck sweater. If you have biker shorts in any other shade, just make sure your sweater is color-coordinated. For example, wear a burnt orange turtleneck sweater with brown biker shorts. Round out the look with knee-high boots in a solid color. [12]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 12.jpg
    • Enhance the femininity of this look with gold or silver hoop earrings.
    • Match your socks to your sweater to keep the ensemble cohesive.
    • Throw on a purse that complements the shade of your sweater.
    • Try a tight ponytail to accentuate your neck and your silhouette.

[Edit]With a blazer and open-toed heels

  1. Have brunch with another girl boss in this sharp look. For cute and semi-formal outfit ideas for your biker shorts, add a blazer. Choose your favorite color and pair it with knee length biker shorts. Opt for an office-ready blouse and open-toed heels, then sling on a purse that matches your shoes. Lightly style your hair—for example, go for piecey waves—then throw on an elegant statement necklace, like a gold medallion.[13]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 13.jpg
    • Wear a black top and black biker shorts with a neon blazer.
    • Pair a white cropped tank and heeled sandals with a pastel blazer.
    • Keep your manicure neutral to let your blazer pop.

[Edit]With a matching knit sweater and ankle boots

  1. Give off a sophisticated feel with a matching knit set. For a cozy and luxurious look, find a matching set in a warm tone like burnt orange, olive green, or dusty rose. Bold, monochrome sets in black or white are also really sleek. Add polish to your outfit with a chunky necklace and more dramatic makeup, like a dark matte style. Complete the chic ensemble with ankle boots.[14]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 14.jpg
    • A black manicure gives the outfit an edgy metropolitan vibe.
    • A neutral manicure provides even more feminine softness.
    • Flat-ironed hair, styled waves, or updos all complement matching knitwear.

[Edit]With a flowy blouse and dress shoes

  1. Throw on these elegant pieces to get ready for a fun night out. Choose biker shorts in a bold color like black, white, navy blue, or even bright pink. Then, select a dressy blouse that complements the shade of your biker shorts.[15]Wear a statement or neutral purse as well as your favorite shoes for a glitzy evening.[16]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 15.jpg
    • Either flats or heels work for this more glammed up outfit.
    • Go for more dramatic makeup. For example, try dark lashes and a smokey eye.
    • Play with prints and patterns, too. You can even go for a leopard print blouse.
    • If your biker shorts have a special pattern, then stick to a simple blouse.

[Edit]With a leather jacket, a fun top, and boots

  1. Rock any pair of biker shorts with these edgy pieces. A leather jacket is a timeless piece that'll elevate any outfit.[17] Since a leather jacket already says you’re a fashion rebel, really go wild with your choices. Go fully monochrome in all-black or get totally unpredictable. For example, wear leopard print biker shorts, a white bandana top, and platform boots with plenty of buckles. Throw on your favorite sunglasses to add unforgettable flair.[18]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 16.jpg
    • A chain necklace goes great with an all-black ensemble.
    • A bright, colorful statement purse elevates an all-white outfit.
    • Pair a leather jacket with funky boots, like red cowgirl boots, for extra fun.

[Edit]With a metallic crop top and platform heels

  1. Shine bright and stand out with this alluring clubwear. Go for a matching metallic set—like gold, silver, or snakeskin—or color block with a shimmering crop top with black or white biker shorts. If you feel extra daring, experiment with a sequined crop top. Complete the dazzling look with club-ready jewelry and shoes you can dance in, like platform heels.[19]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 17.jpg
    • Try eyeshadow in a metallic tone that contrasts with your outfit.
    • Go for a piecey hairstyle that’s modern and sleek.
    • Add delicate touches like a waist chain or ankle bracelet.

[Edit]With a school blazer and black shoes

  1. Pair biker shorts with these for a preppy and enchanting ensemble. To look like you're in a magic academy or equestrian fashion show, start with a fitted white blouse and black knee-length biker shorts. Throw on a blazer that brings to mind a school or riding uniform—try black, navy, tan, or red. Then, slide into dressy black flats or pumps. Sling on a crossbody messenger bag to complete this smart look.[20]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 18.jpg
    • Try a sleek hairstyle, like flat-ironed hair, a tight ponytail, a bun, or a braid.
    • Add a class ring for some extra sophistication.
    • Enhance your blouse with a ribbon tie for even more elegance.
    • If you’re into cosplaying, attach a wand holster to your biker shorts.

[Edit]With a tie-front top and platform sandals

  1. An airy blouse, biker shorts, and sandals are just perfect for spring. Grab a button-down dress shirt and tie it in the front. Pair it with black, white, or navy blue biker shorts. Style your hair with beachy waves, throw on a neutral purse, and slide into platform sandals to enjoy all the sunshine and fresh air.[21]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 19.jpg
    • Choose a bold colored, striped, or patterned button-down dress shirt.
    • For a striped or patterned tie-front top, go for a neutral manicure.
    • For a bold colored tie-front top, experiment with a bright manicure.
    • For an ethereal touch, add gold teardrop earrings and a small gold pendant.

[Edit]With a gingham top and beachy sandals

  1. Plaid print, biker shorts, and sandals instantly bring summer to mind. Choose a gingham crop top or tee in a fun color like yellow, orange, pink, blue, or green. Slip into black biker shorts so the gingham top really pops. Add white accents like white sunglasses and sandals. Throw a woven bag over your shoulder to get in the mood for sunbathing and picnics.[22]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 20.jpg
    • To enhance your accessories, tie a white bow around the handle of your purse.
    • If you want to share snacks, go for a large woven tote bag.
    • To keep the outfit extra easy and casual, slip into slide sandals.[23]
    • For an ultra girly look, tie a white chiffon scarf around your neck or in your hair.

[Edit]With a houndstooth jacket and black dress shoes

  1. Grab a pumpkin spice latte in this fun fall outfit. First, go for short black biker shorts—they’ll look like a chic black miniskirt under your jacket. Then, throw on a white or black blouse and a houndstooth jacket in any color. Slide into dressy flats or shiny black heels. Get ready for a cosmopolitan autumn with a classic updo and a go-to black purse.[24]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 21.jpg
    • For a femme fatale edge, put on red hoop earrings and a red lip.
    • Pop on a beret for some Parisian charm.
    • To add even more elegance, wear stockings under your biker shorts.
    • Surprise everyone with black heels that have colored soles—red or blue work.

[Edit]With a long, cozy cardigan and boots

  1. Slide into these comfy pieces in the winter to look like a queen. Choose a top, pair of biker shorts, and cardigan that come as a matching set. Also experiment with mixing and matching your prints. As your gorgeous finishing touch, choose an elegant, long cardigan. Add even more warmth and coziness with knee-high or thigh-high boots.[25]
    Style Biker Shorts Step 22.jpg
    • Stick to thick fabrics, like ribbed knit materials, that’ll keep you warm.
    • If you want a fun print in your outfit, choose either a patterned top or cardigan.
    • Any long cardigan will pair well with a white sleeveless blouse with a V-neck.[26]
    • Knee-length biker shorts are best for the chilly season.
    • Throw in some flair with statement earrings like hoops or linear drop earrings.


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