I have 100 30 day challenge ideas for you to begin if you are looking for something to do now that you suddenly find yourself with a bit of time on your hands

30 Day challenges allow you to commit to a new idea for a set period of time without a load of pressure thanks to an end date that is set and CLEAR. After all, 30 days doesn’t feel like forever… because it isn’t.
100 30 Day Challenge Ideas
Having an end date on a challenge also makes tasks approachable. Let’s say that you don’t like to eat vegetables, but you know that they are good for you and you recognize that you really should eat more of then now that you are an adult. When you task yourself to eat more veggies for 30 days as a challenge, your brain feels like it can handle the task because there is an end date – in one month! You can do anything for a month, right?

But here’s the beautiful thing – it only takes 21 days to form a habit. So, as you work through any of these 100 30 Day challenges, you might just reform and reshape your way of thinking and your break some pretty bad habits.

Have you ever thought about cutting out some sugar? Or did you ever think that you don’t smile enough to strangers? How about spending money on take out food? Do you do that too much? What if you challenged yourself to not spend anything for 30 days on ordering in? Could you do it? Challenge yourself!
Choose Your 30 Day Challenge
Choose the 30 day challenge you’d like to work on for the next month and work on a better version of you. Do not try to do more than one challenge at a time because it will be hard to break one old habit at a time, trust me! It isn’t easy to drink more water if you are someone who loves to drink coffee all day. You will need to really concentrate on that – especially when you set concrete goals for the week.
Mindfulness Challenge Spreading Positivity Challenge Daily Walks Eat More Veggies Drink More Water Eat Less Sweets Spend 5 minutes focus on your breathing every single day Floss Every Single Day Give yourself permission to rest when needed Thank a service person once a day Eat Breakfast Every Day Early Riser Start streaming on Twitch / YouTube Get To Bed Early Open up an eBay store Create daily white space in your calendar  Pray Wear something that makes you feel good Write down one thing a day that makes you feel good about yourself Gratitude Challenge Self Care Challenge Spend the month cleaning up all your digital clutter Do a spending freeze Only cook what you have in your house Brown bag it for lunch Work on professional development Get out of your comfort zone No alcohol Create a dream journal Create a passion journal Learn a new language Check out a new app every day Learn a few card tricks Develop a morning routine Develop an evening routine Save all your coins No gossiping No sugar No Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime etc. Stop being mean to yourself Have no expectations Crossword / Sudoku – daily Start every morning by creating a to-do list Daily journal entries Avoid social media until the afternoon Go out for a walk once a day Call someone you love once a day Write a snail mail letter to someone in your life every single day Ditch the news Serving Others – Volunteer No social media Limit the amount of talking you do No smoking Eat vegetarian for a month Eat dairy free for a month Eat gluten free for a month Morning stretches Ditch your car Make sure you smile Don’t buy any coffee or tea Stop eating all fast food No cursing No credit cards Join a gym and … go to it for 30 days straight Be early – everywhere you go Take the stairs Don’t order take out Take a photo a day Keep a food journal Dance every single day Learn a new skill Floss two times a day Watch the sun rise or set every single day Find a new thing to donate once a day No online shopping for the month Clean out a small area of your house once a day Read one word in the dictionary once a day Watch a TED talk once a day Take a virtual tour of a place you’ve never visited Take a drawing challenge Compliment people all day Get rid of negative speak Start a side business Make your bed every morning Drink a glass of water every morning before you start your day Make a wish every day Read a book Create a vision board and add to it once a day – can be digital Do something crazy once a day Start composting Be present No caffeine Practice becoming a better listener Classic Movies Random Acts of Kindness Create a budget that works Enroll in an online class Write a book Create a meal plan and stick to it Find a new documentary to watch every day Start a garden How about starting a blog? Go online and answer questions in forum 10,000 steps a day Try something new every single day Don’t say NO Squat challenge No negativity Read before bed and don’t turn on the TV
I gave you a few more than 100 because I just couldn’t stop thinking of ideas! I am sure I will come back and update this post a few different times and add to the list and I come up with more 30 day challenge ideas you can partake in alone or with your family.
How can I change myself in 30 days?
We’ve all don’t the 10,000 steps a day challenge, right?! How many of us have owned a FITBIT before or one of those fancy watches? They hold us accountable because they give us a little check or a zing or a RING when our steps are complete. These goals are the same idea!

But none of it actually matters unless we put in the work and mean it. At the end of my FitBit wearing time, I would just sway my arm back and forth or give it to my younger son and have him run around the house until I hit 10,000. I’m ashamed to even write that. But that’s how obsessed I was with hitting 10,000. It was more about the goal than it was about me. We can’t lose sight about what this is all about. It’s not about the checkbox – it’s about bettering ourselves.

So, when I say “drink more water” – I have to mean it. 6 glasses a day if that is what I plan on committing to… and I can’t check that box unless I actually do it. Will change really occur on anything less?
Do 30 day challenges actually work?
You guys, I think you will surprise yourself. You will find that once you complete one of these challenges, you will see just how easy they are to do! A positive habit will be formed!

For example, let’s say that you start flossing every single day. A simple challenge – but an important one. There is NO WAY that you will be able to stop.

For example –> I am 10000% addicted to flossing. Flossing is my ZEN.

I am “looks forward to flossing” years old and once you realize how fabulous flossing is… you will be too. Promise! These skills will become learned behaviors.
Use My Habit Tracker Download To Track Your Progress
Let’s talk about tracking progress and staying accountable now! In order to track your progress, you need a little checklist in a journal. Keep it by your bed and mark your successes down every night. You could also use my blank habit tracker printable and write your progress there as well! Up to you.
What 30 Day Challenge Are You Up For This Month?
Where will you begin? What are you most excited about changing? If you had to start somewhere, what habit are you looking to break first or what skill are you looking to acquire before anything else? Would love to hear!

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