If you’re a busy dance mom (or sports mom, in general) like I am, then you’ve probably discovered just how important it is to have a bag that has everything you need in it! We encourage our kids to be involved in physical activities to help them...

As the new dance season starts this fall, I’m getting our bag ready with some basic dance bag must-haves to make sure everything goes smoothly at the studio!

This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My kids are involved in a variety of activities throughout the year. Now that back to school season is here, our summer activities like swim lessons and gymnastics are wrapping up and our fall activities are getting ready to start. For Carrigan, we’ve got dance on the schedule again this year because it’s one of her favorite things. She’s also adding T-ball into the mix. Add to it that she’s also a brand new kindergartener and I’ve got a pretty big job as a mom this year.

I have to make sure we’ve got everything we need to be prepared and to keep her fueled up and on the go!

There are some basics that I keep in Carrigan’s dance bag all the time. If it’s recital time, there are some other things like costume pieces, makeup, and hairspray that get added to our bag. But I have a list of must-haves that we need no matter what dance activity we’re headed to.
Dance shoes – she’s taking a ballet and acro combo class this year so we’ll just have ballet shoes with us. I store them right in the dance bag so that we never end up at dance without them! Extra tights and leotard – I’ll admit that we’ve had a few situations where it was nice to have a clean set of dance clothes with us so now I always stash a pair of older tights and an old leotard in the bag! Hairbrush, hair ties, hair clips – I can never have enough of these in our bag. It seems like they like to go missing and hair in the face is frustrating in the middle of dance class! Bandages – Having younger kids, I know the power of a bandage when there is a cut or scrape. At dance, they work well if a knee gets a little burned on a mat or on the floor. So I always have some tucked away in our bag. Water bottle – This is a given, I think. Hydration is so important! Water bottles are the one thing our dancers are allowed to have in the rooms at our dance studio. My girl is great at drinking water so the water bottle is key! It also helps me remember to take one for myself! Snacks – Snacks are essential, especially if we’re heading to dance right after school or from some other activity. But it can’t just be any snack! I need snacks the kids enjoy and snacks that work well in the dance bag!

This year I’m thrilled to be working with Horizon Organic to share some of the ways we use their products in our daily lives. Our dance bag is one of the places where I depend on some of our favorite products.

Horizon Organic single-serve milk boxes and Horizon Organic string cheese are two of my snack staples when it comes to dance and all of our other sports activities. I’ve been using the single-serve milk boxes for years because they’re shelf-stable. So they travel with us whether we’re headed to the dance studio or to the ball fields. They’re wonderful in the car and also work great in lunchboxes. I’ve used them everywhere.

Oh, and the Horizon Organic milk boxes are available in white milk and chocolate milk. That means I have options for both kids! Carrigan is a huge fan of white milk and would drink it all the time if she could. With the single-serve milk boxes, it’s an option for her! The milk boxes have 8 grams of protein and are a great source of calcium, and vitamins D and B2 (Riboflavin). As a mom, I feel good about my kids drinking the Horizon Organic milk and I know that the milk is a snack that helps power up my little dancer!

Horizon makes it easy to power up my kids with all the good stuff like protein, calcium, and vitamins without adding artificial colors and flavors. Horizon Organic is also USDA certified organic, so we can feel confident that the milk in these products comes from cows that are not treated with added hormones or antibiotics. The products are non-GMO and made with milk from cows on farms that don’t use toxic persistent pesticides.

There are a lot of snacks that travel well, but I’m always on the hunt for simple snack ideas that also offer nutrition and energy. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not going to spend a ton of time preparing elaborate snacks to put in the dance bag. But an apple, string cheese, and milk? How perfect and how easy!

So that’s become my snack plan of attack for the most part. A drink, a fruit, cheese, and sometimes a baked cracker of some sort.

Horizon Organic cheese sticks make cheese easy to take with us to the dance studio. It’s individually packaged which is a must for snacks. The mozzarella string cheese also has 7 grams of protein per stick and is a good source of calcium as well.

While snacks are essential for dancers, keeping it simple is essential for busy dance moms! So stock up your bag this dance season with the basics and know that you’re ready to support your dancers all year long!

By making sure our dance bag has all of the basics, I feel like I’m supporting Carrigan, her interests, and her dreams. I’m all about helping her unlock her potential and feel confident. I feel blessed to be able to fill that role in her life, but I know not all kids have someone to do that.

This year Horizon Organic is inviting us all to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS) as they provide mentoring for children facing adversity to help them build their confidence and unlock their own potential!

We can all join the #HorizonConfiDANCE campaign (whether we’re dancers or not!) to help support BBBS as they work to change children’s lives for the better! All we have to do is take the time to show off some of our favorite dance moves!

For every dance shared on Instagram or Facebook by September 30th, Horizon Organic will give $5 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, up to $200. Just use #HorizonConfiDANCE.

We’ve shared our moves, so let’s see yours!

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