Long Distance Moving to Nevada

Moving to Nevada can seem a
little like announcing to your friends that you’re buying a truck; suddenly
everybody wants you to help them move. But with Nevada, all your friends will
want to know when they’re going to visit so they can go to Las Vegas.

Culture Shock Moving to Nevada

Having the most famous American
gambling center in your new state might lead anyone to believe that’s all
Nevada has to offer. And yes, Las Vegas also offers shows, shopping, museums,
rides, and festivals, but it certainly isn’t the only thing Nevada has within
its borders.


Living in Nevada means accepting
several odd but colorful truths about the state. Firstly, the whole state might
be haunted. Between the Mackay
Mansion and the Goldfield Hotel,
Nevada enjoys the reputation of being a favored spot for denizens of the
afterlife. But not to worry; just because the state has the reputation for
being haunted doesn’t mean your new home will also be haunted. Or does it…

Secondly, in addition to being
home to what could politely be referred to as “Adult Disneyland” and lenient
laws for everything from gambling and marriage, the state doesn’t collect
income taxes and, as a result, doesn’t collect income tax data. That doesn’t
mean moving to Nevada frees anyone from the responsibility of submitting their
annual income taxes to the IRS, but it’s a nice touch.

Finally, gambling in Nevada does
not exist solely in Sin City. It won’t be uncommon to walk into a gas station
and see a slot machine in the corner by the register. It’s possible you could
walk into a bathroom and find a slot machine next to the soap dispenser. In
other words, gambling culture will be impossible to avoid in Nevada.


While it may be amusing to think
all the work in Nevada involves the gambling, entertainment, and hospitality
industries, the state has a burgeoning demand for physicians, executives, and
airline pilots. There’s also a growing demand for machinists and building
inspectors, among other things.

Regardless of your profession, you’ll
also have to keep constant tabs on your vehicle. Between the heat, sunlight, occasional
dust storms, and the general wear and tear of a regular
work commute, your car or truck might be more susceptible to shorter car
battery life or a faster breakdown of rubber tubes and hoses by the engine
block. Keep the warranty on any parts in your vehicle and make sure you have
some basic supplies in the car including a set of jumper cables, radiator
coolant, motor oil, at the ready. 

And speaking of the weather…


Summer weather can easily climb
up to 120 degrees, so don’t be surprised when the heat forces you to hop from
one indoor air conditioned location to another during the hotter months. Like
most states defined by hot climates, the best times to be outdoor will be the
transition seasons of fall and spring, when the weather evens out. And don’t be
fooled into thinking the winters will be rosy, either; snow does fall in
certain areas of the state, so keep a few fleece blankets handy.

What’s that? Snow in the desert?
It’s not a joke. In addition to being the state’s name, the term “Nevada” also
means “snow covered” in Spanish. A strange term for a state famous for its
deserts and gambling, perhaps, but snowfall does occur here. And like any state
known for hot weather, everyone panics when the first snowflake floats down.


While the weather will drive most
people indoors for certain parts of the year, Nevada’s stark beauty will also
attract outdoor enthusiasts.

Even if you’re not a fan of
desert landscape portraits, you’ll find the landscape an inviting and wondrous
site to behold. While desert areas do make up the vast majority of the state
and rain doesn’t fall very often, those dry landscapes also provide ideal spots
for outdoor activities like zip lining, camping, and rock climbing.

Bonus: the desert night sky
provides some of the best stargazing in the country. Even if you can’t identify
a single constellation, the Nevada skyline can be breathtaking. And if you go
out to the desert at the right time, you might come upon a host of scantily
clad artists and music enthusiasts.

Yes, Nevada serves as home to Burning Man, a super popular event that
draws thousands to Black Rock City every year in praise of artistic expression
and self-awareness. And by artistic expression, we mean people dressing up in
costume and hosting dance parties in front of giant statues. Also, they light a
giant statue on fire. Sometimes while dressed up as extras from a Mad Max

But if you don’t feel like
roaming through the desert or dressing up like a Tuskan Raider, there’s also
the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Lake Tahoe, and someplace called Area
51. Yes, that Area 51. In addition to ghost sightings, Nevada has a
reputation for being a popular spot for UFO sightings. So why would ghosts and
aliens frequently converge on this part of the country? Maybe they like the


Nevada culture places emphasis on
art, expression, and history in unique ways. Because the climate and landscape
can seem alien to people not of the region, the culture tends to celebrate excess
and oddness. But not to worry; the state also celebrates American cultural
standards like railroad trains, shrimp cocktails, buffet lines, barbeque, and,
of course, gambling.

Fun fact in favor of Las Vegas:
the grocery stores operate 24/7 and sell liquor in addition to beer and wine.
Take that, states that don’t sell beer on Sundays!


Relocating to Nevada sounding like the kind of change your soul craves? Don’t just fantasize about it; let Colonial Van Lines help get you there. If moving down the street can be stressful, moving to a new state can be downright horrifying, and that’s where we come in. We’ve got the experience and the expertise to make sure your moving experience will be straight forward and stress free. Call a Colonial Van Lines professional today and we’ll start helping you plan your trip to the desert.


I tried clear nail polish hacks that the internet swears by—here’s what works

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When used as intended, clear nail polish is versatile in itself, acting as a primer to prevent colored polish from staining nails, a shiny top coat to keep manicures from chipping, or on its own to protect nails from breakage. And we all know it’s come to the rescue at dance recitals, weddings, and even at the office when someone gets a snag in pantyhose or tights. However, the internet is overflowing with alternative uses for clear nail polish—hacks that use its gluey or protective properties to repair or prevent everyday nuisances.

We already know and love how nail polish can stop a run in tights in its tracks, but are those others—such as threading a needle or sealing an envelope—all they've cracked up to be? We put a bottle of clear nail polish to the test to see what it can actually do in the way of problem solving.

1. For coating a thread while sewing

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
Finally, a solution to this frustrating task.

Fewer things are as frustrating as attempting—and failing—to poke thread through the tiny eye of a needle over and over again. That task practically takes longer than the sewing project itself! Next time you find yourself in this situation, coat the end of the thread with fast-drying clear nail polish and let it dry. We noticed that the nail polish made the thread stiff, so it was easy to guide it through the needle eye. The key is “fast drying” and a light touch—otherwise, you’re wasting time waiting for the polish to dry when you could already have that button reattached and be on your way.

2. For waterproofing matches

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
The rain won't stop you now.

If you spend time outside on camping trips or hikes, you may keep a book of matches in your belongings. However, one spill of a water bottle or quick rain squall could put a literal damper on your marshmallow-toasting plans. The internet claims that brushing nail polish onto the tips of matches (or dipping them directly into the bottle) keeps them sealed so water won’t damage them, while also adding the polish’s flammable chemicals into the mix. To test this theory, we coated to matches in nail polish (using both methods above, for completeness), allowed them to dry, dipped them in water, allowed them to dry again. When we swiped across the match strike paper, they lit easily and quickly, as if they’d never gotten wet.

3. For sealing envelopes

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
Trust us, it's easier to just lick the envelope.

With this hack, we thought our days of licking envelopes were over. It sounded great in theory—the polish brushed along the adhesive flap would be sticky enough to hold the envelope closed and quick-drying enough to put the envelope right into the mailbox. However, after tracing the adhesive on an envelope with clear nail polish and stamping the flap down, we realized that nail polish has no hold whatsoever (read: you will lose the contents of your envelope). (Plus, we imagine you could no longer activate the now-polish-sealed adhesive, though we didn’t test this, because who wants to lick nail polish?) Continue licking the envelope or, better yet, use a damp sponge to activate the adhesive.

4. For preventing nickel allergies and green skin

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
Clear nail polish acts as a barrier between your skin and the nickel.

Avoiding costume jewelry because of a nickel allergy? One way to prevent an allergic reaction without ditching your fun fashion jewelry is to coat the metal with clear nail polish. The polish creates a barrier between your skin and the nickel or copper irritating it. This same technique keeps the jewelry from turning your skin green as a result of the metal’s copper content reacting with your sweat, oils, or lotions. We at Reviewed have already tested this on our own—a few of us use nail polish to prevent the green skin effect and others, like me, have had success avoiding a sensitivity to nickel.

5. For thwarting off jewelry fading or chipping

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
Coat your favorite costume jewelry to keep the color from fading.

Just as coating costume jewelry with nail polish prevents the chemicals from reacting with your skin, it also helps the gold and silver paint stay in place. If you’re noticing the shiny, pigmented finish of your jewelry fading, or if you buy a piece that you want to keep looking new longer, coat it in clear nail polish to sustain its paint job. I tested this theory on a few of my rings and necklaces and it worked like a charm—for a few months. Then I started noticing the color fading again, so I applied another coat.

6. For gluing faux gemstones into place

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
The faux gemstone has to be lightweight for this hack to work.

If you’ve been avoiding wearing your favorite sparkly rhinestone necklace or bracelet because a gemstone popped out, we’ve got your fix. The last thing you want is a glob of white or gloppy glue to be visible around the edges of the stone. Clear nail polish acts as a glue without being goopy or messing with the look of your jewelry (in fact, as mentioned above, it’ll help retain the metal color longer). To do, paint the back of the stone with the polish and put it back into place, then wait for it to dry before wearing. However, this fix works only if the stone is tiny or lightweight, as a larger, heavier stone fell out when we tried to test this hack on a ring.

7. For taking off your nail polish (ironically)

Credit: Reviewed / Kate McCarthy
It may be ironic, but it works.

In an unexpected twist, putting on more clear nail polish is actually useful for removing an already dried old manicure. If you’re ever in a pinch and don’t have proper remover, coat your nails in clear polish and use a paper towel to wipe away. It took a couple of passes to fully remove the pink color coating my fingernails, but it ultimately left them bare.

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